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A manager who wants to succeed will work to promote the positive impact and aspects that diversity will bring to the workplace. Using the very differences to expand the business vision can go a long way in promoting the embracement of diversity.

Because diversity is an increasing factor in current and future business it will be vital to research its impact and its integration to the business world (Johnson, 2001). "Future research should integrate the individual and/or group levels into the proposed organizational typology. Each ideal-type may require a unique person-organization fit (Meyer et al., 1993; Schneider, 1987) (Johnson, 2001). A number of individual attributes, including values and personality traits can aid in ascertaining fit. For example, an individual high in ethnocentrism may be more suitable for a low-diversity orientation organization. Similarly, an individual with egalitarian values may have more job fit within a diversity orientation organization. Finally, there may be implications for group job fit. For example, Hofstede (1985) has shown that dynamics might differ between groups that have more collectivist cultures (Hispanic-Americans) and groups that have more individualistic cultures (European-Americans) (Johnson, 2001). In sum, there remains many opportunities for cross-level and multilevel research within a configurational framework (Johnson, 2001)."

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The next major issue facing the future of leadership and management is the team building. While teamwork has always been an important aspect to the success of management the globalization of the world is going to make it even more important. Team building that incorporates worldwide cultures and traditions are going to strengthen the future ability to manage.

While many mangers will agree that using teams is good sense, they also end up frustrated in the attempt to do so. Research to uncover why the concept works but the implementation often does not. The ability to coordinate effective teamwork will be a very important quality for management in the future (Ashmos, 2002).

Term Paper on Leadership and Management. The Writer Assignment

Learning to manage while at the same time becoming educated on the current trends is another aspect of leadership that needs further study. It will be important for the success of future leadership to keep up with the trends while at the same time providing adequate management of the workers they are charged with managing (Dodd, 2002).


The world of business is changing with the rapid progress of worldwide globalization. The future will be filled with changes and today's management and leaders need to be prepared for those changes if they want to succeed in business. Diversity, team building and maintenance while progression is learned are all going to be important factors to the smooth transition between now and then. Leadership skills consist of a combination of learned behaviors and personality traits that work together and guide a team. Leadership is a skill that requires self-motivation, communications skills and the acceptance of diversity. As the future moves in it will be important for leaders to continue their education so that they understand the most effective ways to lead.


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