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Leadership Model agree that the characteristics you cite were to some degree present in the characters of most of the best leaders I have served under, including self-knowledge, technical competency, seeking input from others, having a moral core, playing by one's own rules ("walking the walk"), striving to bring out the best in subordinates, taking a moderate approach to risk-taking, not fearing failures, and having a sense of humor. Self-knowledge is an often overlooked component of leadership -- for example, a leader might be an extrovert, but not really know this consciously, and thus overlook the gifted but more reticent and introverted members of an organization. Ethics are important as well -- given the recent ethical scandals at many corporations, finding out that a leader has defrauded his or her employees can be devastating to the morale of the organization for years, and even small transgressions can make people mistrustful of a leader's honesty.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Leadership Model Critique Assignment

I think there needs to be further clarification, however, as to what sort of input is solicited from subordinates, and how -- is it in a participatory fashion, where the subordinates are more equal to the leader, regardless of position, or does the leader shape subordinates' opinions more, to achieve a larger goal? Vision in general I think should be a greater component of the model -- you talk about pushing people to achieve more, but what is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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