Richard Branson's Leadership Style Research Paper

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Leadership Style of Richard Branson / Richard Branson Leadership Formula to Success

In 1973, entrepreneur #Richard Branson started Virgin Records. Now Virgin Group owns more than 200 companies in more than 30 countries. Branson is famous for his adventurous nature and achievements in sports, crossing oceans in a hot air balloon are one of them (Biography l, 2015).

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Research Paper on Richard Branson's Leadership Style Assignment

Branson has been recognized as a #Transformational Leader, he led through finding out required changes, introduced a concept of bringing change through inspiration, and commitment of the members of the group executed the change. Improvement in the productivity of every individual follower is the main focus of Transformational Leadership. Branson use various methodologies to increase the motivation, morale, and performance of followers. These involve linking the follower's sense of self individuality to the project and identity of the organization as a whole: as a role model and source of inspiration for followers. Richard Branson takes care of his workforce like a family and respects them, and even invites his new workers for parties in the home. In this way, he maintains a good leader-employee-relation. Employee response as well as novel ideas are always welcomed by him. Before giving freedom to his employees and allowing them to be creative, the framework of the Virgin is normally low. There happen to be no specified rules to accomplish the tasks. Non-hierarchical working structure of his organization, that is based on group, and provides the relaxation of independent working without much intervention. These elements surely present that there is a lot of democracy and participation in his leadership style. He is a proven leading thinker, and normally, his decisions are formed by his own thinking. Branson has also leadership skills to handle situations and contingencies. He has always looked out for, and applies every possible way to start a new venture and make it workable. He is very good at handling situations and is considered to be an extreme risk-taker. This shows the most effective theory of leadership at present namely situational theories (Branson, 2014; Essays, November 2013).

2. Richard Branson's leadership style and characteristics of Virgin

Richard Branson assumes diverse leadership styles, and methods in accordance with the situation he is dealing with. This method has turned out to be the most prominent element of his leadership style. He is capable of applying changes promptly. For instance, as soon as he realized his failure when competing with the giants of the soft-drink business Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Virgin Cola altered not just its entire business strategy, but also its management as well as location of products with focus on energy drinks and fresh juices. Apart from this, he plays a major role in the business expansion to this level as he is creative, fun, anti-establishment, fast, opportunist, adventurous, risk taker, warm friendly, competitive, workaholic and hard negotiator. These are the attributes according to the trait theories of leadership and basic virtues of a successful leader (Branson, 2014; Essays, November 2013).

3. Richard Branson's two ways to motivate employees to achieve Virginia Group's goals

Richard Branson encourages and motivates employees to attempt into new areas of work and involve them in decisions making. Employees' encouragement to go into the field work is important to motivate workers in a various organizational frameworks. Employees try to prove their competencies to their employers, when they are encouraged to endeavor into new fields of work. In this way, employees may put plenty of their time and efforts in making sure that they are using all their abilities in attaining their employer's trust (Burnes, 2012). But, in an organizational framework, this approach cannot be productive, as it has lack of various or new areas. For example, this method cannot motivate workers in a small-scale business. On the other hand, to involve workers in the decision making process is effective in all organizational frameworks. To be a part of decision-making creates a sense of appreciation in workers. Therefore, these employees consider and relate themselves as part of the system and organizational success. Consequently, these workers try to give their best performance in attaining the level of success demanded by the company. On the other hand, workers perform inefficiently due to lack of motivation, if they are ignored by the management of the organization (Mills et al., 2006).

4. Richard Branson communication skills in sharing his vision for his company

Branson's vision, about the company is to concentrate on reduction of global warming. Branson's diction and exchange of information about this vision is effective for both company and employees. To achieve this vision, Branson mentioned in his diction and exchange of information to take an important initiative by identifying required changes. This endeavor has aided in mentioning the factor of "How" things need to be accomplished in the vision. In the light of Peter Cammock's proposed model, this vision has been developed. Cammock's model is based on three aspects, namely: envisioning, engaging and enacting (Sigh & Nadim, 2012). Basically, Branson's three provided aspects have given a clear orientation to employees and concerned entities (Branson, 2014b).

5. If Richard Branson's leadership style is a good fit for me as a manager and my viewpoint about this leadership style

As a manager, I would apply steps in assessing the success of Branson's leadership pattern. . Firstly, I would find out whether this pattern of leadership helps in making an organization's common vision. An appropriate pattern of leadership helps in developing a vision that concentrate on forming a working culture that boost the running of business activities. Secondly, I would find out whether the leadership pattern of Branson forms a working environment or not. If this leadership pattern forms a working environment, it will be beneficial in my professional career. On the other hand, if this pattern of leadership fails to form a working environment, it would be beneficial for my career as a manager. In addition, I would find out whether the methods of leadership applied by Branson incorporate operation of the organization and resources in a way that boost safe working settings. A successful result in this way would convince me, adopting Branson's leadership pattern suitable for my management career. Moreover, this leadership method should be helpful in maintaining the cooperation between junior employees and manager. Making sure that the course of decision making and application are adopted successfully; productive working relation between managers and subordinates is essential (Burnes, 2012). Consequently, the organization can easily achieve its goals. Lastly, the crux of working under Branson's leadership is his method of leadership facilitate in forming a productive working relation between the manager and subordinate. This method of leadership guarantees the environment where managers and employees interact openly, which is also important to make sure that employees express their views and suggestion fearlessly (Branson, 2014b).

6. Is Richard Branson is a global leader

In my view, Richard Branson has proved himself a global leader. The workers and colleagues of Branson who praise him tell that his charisma, power and leadership capability is behind the global change. Subsequently, Branson has played a vital role in controlling global crises like climate change. For example, being a chairman of the Virgin Group, Branson has created a road map that concentrate on reducing global warming. Therefore, Branson has facilitated in determining methods through which organization can achieve this objective. Since he has the benefit of the world at his heart, this quality makes Branson a global leader. Furthermore, by introducing non-hierarchical technique of leadership, he ensures easy interaction between managers and employees, proof that Branson is the leader of people who also care about limits. By helping in forming so many organizations, Branson has rationalized the view that he is a global leader (Mills et al., 2006).

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