Leadership in Nursing Excellence Research Paper

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An excellent participative leader also has the ability to generate a very high degree of individualized consideration and gives each subordinate an opportunity to take ownership of their specific area of the department (Rao, 2013). One of the most innate needs of any subordinate is to also have a strong sense that they are needed and their contributions count. Creating a culture of achievement and inspired motivation is also critically important. These leadership attributes show how critical it is to blend the hard and soft skills of leadership (Rao, 2013).


The quote new nurse managers require a solid knowledge base of effective leadership practices to ensure their success (Cohen, 2013) typify the mindset of graduate-level nursing students who will excel in their careers. Seeing nursing leadership as a foundational element of a successful career in healthcare is essentials, as the ability to create and sustain a highly collaborative culture in any workgrou7p is essential for the success of any department (Swearingen, Liberman, 2004). The continual development of leadership skills over the many years of a career is also critically important as well. Great leadership in nursing isn't a destination, it's a journey. Participative leadership styles allow for growth and continually learning over time, aligning with that long-term vision of leadership development.


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Research Paper on Leadership in Nursing Excellence in Assignment

Wong, C., & Cummings, G. (2009). Authentic leadership: A new…
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