Term Paper: Leadership in Any Organization, Leadership Is Critical

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In any organization, leadership is critical; it is the most important way that strategic goals and crucial decisions and aspects of any organization come together to form any sort of productive purpose. However, it is also clear that leadership and management are two very different things. In general, it seems that leaders are strategic, while managers are tactical. There are many types of leaders, and leadership theory -- whether that be from the leader who is charismatic and leads by personal charm and example, to those who are more behind the scenes but employ a style that empowers their colleagues and employees. Managers are given the authority by leaders to handle tactical things, but to fine tune exemplary leadership, the leader must think beyond the tactical and have a broader understanding of how the organization works and how it will be developed into their own vision.

To practice exemplary leadership, one must first have several goals in mind:

Identification of strategic goals and tactical ways to achieve them - Before one can adequately lead, one must have a good understanding of the goals that are necessary for any successful venture. This involves some research, some expertise, and the development of a sound and cogent planning process that is reasonable for both the fiscal and human resources one has within the organization.

Identification and development of staff and colleagues -- to effectively lead, one must understand the human resources that are necessary to attain one's goal. In effect, one must understand the level of expertise of staff and management, and if those skills are transferable into the strategic and tactical planning process. If they are not, then the effective leader will find ways to mitigate this by encouraging training and development, and providing the opportunity for staff to excel and actualize. Effectively, this is… [END OF PREVIEW]

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