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As such, orders must be followed without an explanation (House, 1971). Explanations, in many instances would simply waste time, without a corresponding increase in productivity. As such, my collectivistic, collaborative style would not be effective in these environments. In addition, employees will not take my leadership skills seriously. They may see a collectivistic nature as a sign of weakness, and subsequently rebel. Some employees, particularly those will long tenure, prefer to simply be told what the goals are, as opposed to having an explanation.

Working in the healthcare profession however, would be ideal for my leadership style. Many of the decisions with this profession require both communication and collaboration, both of which, I excel at. Aspects such as treatment processes, customer service delivery, and overall business operations require time to implement. Leaders with the ability to communicate the reasoning behind a particular course of action will excel in this industry. Hospice, therefore, would be an ideal area to foster and facilitate my overall leadership skills.

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To improve the overall implementation of my leadership style, practice will be needed. Proper communication skills are developed through trial and error. As such, to improve my implementation, I will position myself in leadership roles throughout my career. I will take calculated risks by volunteering my services to corporate initiatives that are important to the organization that I work for. In addition, I will obtain a mentor who possesses the same skills that I would like to develop in the future. Through this mentorship, I will elicit feedback regarding my overall progress. Finally, to improve my implementation, I will attend trade conferences or continuing education courses at least twice a year to further develop my abilities (Paul, 2005).


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