Leadership Personal Leadership Audit I) Thesis

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Personal Leadership Audit i) the main leadership demands I expect to face on in the coming year include learning how to identify and select the best people for delegation of specific duties, leading with an appropriate amount of compassion, lessening the impact of personal preference on my leadership capabilities, and learning how to provide criticism in the most constructive manner.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Thesis on Leadership Personal Leadership Audit I) the Main Assignment

A ii) I have a relatively extreme personality, which means that my strengths and weaknesses are often found in the same attribute. For example, I am a perfectionist, which ensures that I do my best to complete a project exactly as it is described, and that I will work tirelessly to see the completion of a project. However, as a perfectionist, I also occasionally have problems determining when a project is complete, because I am not satisfied with anything less than perfection and every project has some area for improvement. My perfectionism can lead to problems with delegation. First, as a perfectionist, I could also be described as slightly controlling, because I am never certain that other people will be able to work up to my standards. In addition, I sometimes have difficulties selecting the appropriate person for delegation because I allow my general impression of a person to color my choices, rather than looking at what tasks would best suit specific individuals. Another of my strengths is that I am very loyal, but that can actually be a very big weakness in a business environment. My degree of loyalty is so high that I can have a problem identifying when someone that I admire has done something wrong. As a result, I have found myself defending subordinates to people above me, even taking the blame for intentional mistakes. On the other hand, if I have not established a loyalty base with someone, I find that I am too quick to believe that they have erred. While I think it is important for a leader to be loyal to subordinates and authorities, I think that loyalty needs to be tempered with better judgment than I have shown. Finally, I think that my direct style of communication is an asset and a hindrance. When communicating facts and expectations, I think that my direct communication style allows me to get to the point. However, when I am called upon to deliver criticism, my direct communication style often leaves the impression that I am completely dissatisfied with a person's performance, rather than trying to enhance performance.

A iii) the main leadership competency that I need to develop to meet my upcoming challenges is to become more objective. Most of my weaknesses are centered on issues of judgment and judging, and when I try to abandon that stance, I end up being ineffective. Therefore, I need to learn how to objectively approach a problem. This should increase my ability to delegate, because it would permit me to allow tasks to dictate their own delegation. It should also increase my ability to provide constructive criticism, because it will help me see what someone has done correctly and how he could use his strengths to help correct for weaknesses, rather than focusing strictly on weaknesses. Finally, gaining objectivity would help me leave my personal feelings out of business decisions. I also need to work on overcoming my perfectionism, which should lead to a decrease in stress and an increase in productivity.

A iv) Outlines

I. Overcoming perfectionism

A. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of how perfectionism impacts my life.

1. Benefits of perfectionism

2. Detriments of perfectionism

B. Examine my own perfectionist behavior trends

1. In a business setting

2. In an academic setting

3. In a personal setting

C. Actively attempt to alleviate perfectionist behavior

1. Determine a "good enough" point before beginning a project… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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