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Leadership & You

My personal definition of leadership is based on what is commonly called "transformational" or "servant" leadership. This is focused on building a good team of people as opposed to weeding out the people who may not fit in or may be struggling (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). By being a team player and working with everyone to meet team goals, each person feels as though he or she is included in the work of the company. It is important to note that servant leadership is often associated with Christianity, but that it does not have to be. There are ways in which one can practice servant leadership within any religion or no religion at all. It is not identical to transformational leadership because of the religious element, but the premise is the same. It is the reason behind the actions that make the two different from one another, not how the actions are carried out.

The inclusion of a worker as part of the team can make a vital difference in the way a person feels about the company for which he or she works. People who work with transformational leaders are able to be heard in the workplace, and feel as though what they have to offer to the company matters in some way (Autry, 2004). That is not to say these people can never be fired or let go, or that they are never reprimanded or disciplined. However, the focus is always on keeping a team spirit and atmosphere, as opposed to having a leader who is hard to reach or talk with. By contrast, a transactional leader is one who is focused on "being the boss." This person gives orders and tells subordinates what to do. There is no teamwork involved -- only one person in charge of and controlling others (Howell & Avolio, 1993). While this may not be a serious issue for some people and can work well for specific types of companies, there are other considerations to address.

Not every person is going to respond well to just being told to do something, and not every person works well in an environment where he or she feels as though what is offered to the company does not matter (Autry, 2004; Northouse, 2012). This is important to consider, because many companies are finding that transactional leadership does not work as well as transformational (servant) leadership when it comes to really keeping a company moving forward and getting things done. The companies that are willing to focus on transformational leadership are the ones that are getting ahead in the marketplace and keeping good employees (Church & Waclawski, 1998; Northouse, 2012). There is a time and a place for a more transactional, dictatorial style of leadership, but it is not the option that works best for the largest number of people.

I see transformational leadership as being the better choice because it helps to keep companies together. Companies are like families in some ways, and the more harmonious they are the happier everyone is. Happy employees are productive employees. When an employee feels valued and important, he or she is generally going to do a lot more for the company (Church & Waclawski, 1998; Howell & Avolio, 1993). Good ideas will be offered by that employee, allowing him or her to increase that feeling of value. The team that is put together gets to know one another, and there are friendships and disagreements and discussions -- all of which can help strengthen the team overall (Autry, 2004). This is a mostly natural occurrence that comes with this type of leadership, and it is often brought about because the employees see that the leader himself (or herself) is involved in everything that is taking place, instead of sitting on the sidelines giving orders to others (Autry, 2004; Church & Waclawski, 1998; Howell & Avolio, 1993).

One leader who exemplifies my definition of leadership is Stephen… [END OF PREVIEW]

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