Leadership Plans for Upcoming Academic Essay

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Event planners must understand the client's vision and the overall organizational culture and ethos of the client, so the event does not clash with this concept. For example, a hip, youth-oriented company would not necessarily want a golf event at a staid country club to market itself. Finding an appropriate location, entertainment, food, and sponsorship if necessary are some of the duties I must fulfill. I must put clients at ease so they know that I understand them. However, I must also be authoritative in my interactions with vendors and the individuals who make up the components of the event. The food must be served in a timely fashion, the employees at the door must be prompt, well-trained and courteous, and the event must seem to run seamlessly, no matter how much stress there may be behind the scenes. It is my job to show leadership of vision and also tactical vision. Sometimes it feels like event planning requires the stylistic eye of a Martha Stewart, the organizing ability of George Patton, and the diplomacy and tact of a UN ambassador!Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Leadership Plans for Upcoming Academic Assignment

As a marketing specialist, I am continually challenged by the need to be creative while communicating my clients' desires to the public and I strive to rise to the occasion. The public can be very jaded today and the marketplace is super-saturated with information. I must use new and old media to their greatest effect when working with clients selling diverse products and services. Often, even seasoned organizations have only a vague idea of how to 'brand' themselves, and it is my mission to create a holistic concept to enable clients to 'stand out' and to ensure that every facet of the marketing underlines the idea we have collectively created as part of our brainstorming sessions. Once again, I am called upon to show leadership -- leadership of ideas and concepts. I must work with clients at times as a peer, other times as a guide, other times as a servant of their vision. Flexibility and confidence are both demanded. This is the essence of my brand of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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