Leadership -- Power and Responsibilities Essay

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It is inexplicable that the narrator would be so rude (perhaps he is jealous that Robert and the narrator's wife are friends and were friends previously when the narrator's wife was a reader for Robert years ago), but Robert ends up being the stronger person. The leadership Robert shows comes clear when Robert asks the narrator to describe what a cathedral looks like; the narrator can't do it and so Robert places his hand on the narrator's hand and in effect is proving tutoring to the narrator vis-a-vis how to experience a cathedral.

Meanwhile John F. Kennedy had his flaws (he reportedly had an affair with Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe) in his person life, but in his professional life, as president, he showed great leadership. For example, he set the stage for the United States to become world leader in space exploration. He set a goal when he was first elected to office, to establish NASA and to develop the rockets and technology needed to put a man on the moon. Kennedy's biggest challenge -- and the one in which he showed the responsible use of power -- was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy basically told the Soviet Union to pull their missiles out of Cuba or the U.S. would destroy them from the air. He devised a successful blockade around Cuba and Soviet ships that were headed to Cuba to deliver missile hardware were turned back.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Leadership -- Power and Responsibilities Assignment

The fifth individual to be discussed, Michael Abrashoff, a former U.S. Navy captain, took over a Navy ship (USS Benfold) that had a terrible reputation and created a whole new legacy for the ship. Abrashoff was very good with his men, as he used his power as captain for positive change on board; rather than just making demands of his crew, he took crew members that had failed elsewhere and trained them to be competent, efficient sailors. When the Sunday barbeque was held on deck (which Abrashoff launched), Abrashoff went to the back of the food line and waited for his turn -- insisting that his officers do the same. When two African-American sailors and a white sailor got into a fight with racial overtones, Abrashoff was obliged as captain to punish all three, but in addition to that, he took the three under his wing and mentored them, and they all three became upstanding, rule-abiding crew members. Abrashoff's integrity shone through by his ability to be a good listener; he had a 15 minute meeting with every one of his crew members (this took several weeks), and when he heard a good suggestion from a sailor, he put it into effect. He talked a good talk but he walked it better, as the saying goes.

In conclusion, Capt. Abrashoff took his responsibilities seriously but creatively, and showed integrity in doing to. Lincoln and Kennedy also knew how to assume and accept responsibility and they used their power with integrity and skill. Robert, while blind, showed that he had leadership qualities, and Cross, who had vision, was lost in a reverie over a girl back home and couldn't come to terms with his responsibility to lead a platoon. There are myriad kinds of leaders, and each one can be an example of one particular aspect of leadership, which makes studying leaders a fascinating and worthwhile activity.

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