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Qualities of a Good Educational Leader

While some qualities of a good leader are consistent across groups, one of the interesting things about leadership is that different people may look for different attributes in a leader. This paper will examine the attitudes of 3 teachers, 3 students, and 3 parents about what they believe make a good educational leader. While there might be overlap between the different groups, there will probably also be differences, as teachers and parents frequently have conflicting ideas about what constitutes a quality education. Therefore, speaking with each group should provide some insight into what qualities each group finds critical for good leadership.

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Educational leaders, such as team leaders, principals, and administrators lead teachers. In their professional capacity, they are in charge of setting the tone for the professionals who work underneath them. Therefore, one would anticipate that teachers' responses about what makes a good educational leader would be similar to what people think makes for a good boss in other circumstances. This was the case. Of the three teachers interviewed, all three of them mentioned that a good educational leader needs to have effective communication skills. Moreover, they all went a step further and clarified that the leader needs to have effective written communication skills, because poor written communication skills lead to a lack of confidence in the leader's own educational background. Another thing that all three teachers said was that educational leaders need to be willing to back up teachers and stand behind their decisions, rather than automatically succumbing to parental pressure when there is a dispute between the parent and the teacher. Two of the teachers suggested that the leaders need to be able to deal effectively with children. All three of them believed that the leaders should have spent at least some time teaching in a classroom environment, so that education is more than theory to them. Finally, they believed that educational leaders should be willing to listen to teachers and get feedback about which approaches were successful and unsuccessful in the classroom environment.


Essay on Leadership Profile Assignment

Students had an interesting perspective on what leadership qualities were necessary in an educational leader. The students who were questioned were all in high school, but the first thing that the interview revealed was that their concept of educational leader was very narrow in comparison to the adults' concepts. The students spoke almost exclusively in terms of principles and vice principals, but did not address leaders at any other level. This made it clear that they did not really process those other educational leaders as leaders at all. Therefore, while none of the students mentioned it as a characteristic; I think that visibility is an important educational leader characteristic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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