Leadership in Public Sector Annotated Bibliography

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Allan Chapman (2010). Training and learning development: training, coaching, mentoring, training and learning design - developing people. Retrieved May 5, 2011 from http://www.businessballs.com/traindev.htm

Shows the various training, coaching and mentoring needs that organizations do have and the varying designs that can used to achieve the following. Allan also gives the training ideas and outlines that every organization and in particular the HRM leader who wants to see a healthy employee base can use to train and teach the staff as he develops their skills. Further, Allan shows the attributes the various HRM leaders who are effective in an organization and how they use training and learning to enhance the employee capability. He further explains and gives examples of how HRM leaders can design by themselves effective training programs. There is an extensive discussion of the mentoring services and how an effective mentoring service can be established by the leaders in any organization.

Susan M. Heathfield, (2011). Performance Management Process Checklist: Step-by-step to a Performance Management System. Retrieved May 5, 2011 from http://humanresources.about.com/od/performancemanagement/a/perfmgmt.htm

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Susan gives the various ways through which performance can be graded or assessed in an organization. She discusses the significance of the performance management system and look into particular ways in which the various originations have used and benefited from the performance management processes. She also discusses the methods and the procedures that can be followed in an attempt to have a proper appraisals and development of appropriate and workable work systems.

Phil Kenmore, (2010). Communication Between Public Sector Staff And Managers is a Must in the Face of Cuts. Retrieved May 5, 2011 from http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/jun/23/public-sector-cuts-communication-essential

Annotated Bibliography on Leadership in Public Sector There Assignment

Here, Phil gives and exposition of the communication process and procedures in a public sector. He shows the significance of the effective communication between the staff and the management in the public sector. In this section, Phil juxtaposes what is happening in the private sector with the trend in the public sector and points out the various areas where the public sector can borrow from the private sector. The research that Phil discusses here was based in the UK and covered comprehensively the communication trend in the public sector vis-a-vis the private sector and what he found out to be outstanding was the fact that the private sector apparently kept their focus on the customers in the face of recession unlike the public sector who never had this as an outstanding feature.

Stephen Bach, (2001). Hr and New Approaches to Public Sector Management: Improving HRM Capacity. Retrieved May 8, 2011 from http://www.who.int/hrh/en/Improving_hrm_capacity.pdf

This is a report of the WHO workshop that was held in December 2000 in France to look at ways in which the HRM can contribute positively to the improvement of the Health Care Sector in the entire world. This paper focuses on the capacity building for the HRM leadership and team with a bid to ensuring that the same training can capacity building would lead to a new dispensation of the leadership and skills needed to well and appropriately manage the Health Care sector, which in effect is one of the world's biggest private sectors.


The public sector, just like all other private and NGOs can deliver the services with a lot of efficiency and in a timely manner. The leadership in the various departments of the public sector is very instrumental in the ultimate effective service of the public sector. The public sector is see as a highly multifaceted field that poses a lot of challenges and the leadership that is determined and possesses the positive attributes and follows the stipulated procedures in order to perform and make the public sector a beneficial entity to the Americans in general. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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