Leadership Reflection Final Reflections Journal

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I think if I retook that test, my level of measurable resiliency would have improved greatly.

That desire to improve is one of my greatest advantages, I think. Overall, I have high motivation to succeed and improve. I am constantly striving to do better than I did today and yesterday, which has been a major source of strength in my academic and real world training. That combined with my passion for my work and evidence-based method for critical thinking have made me a better leader, and will continue to become even stronger with more experience.

I know now that to get to that better place, I have to take more calculated risks. Entrepreneurial leadership rests on one's ability to keep one's eyes on the future, without getting caught off guard. It is crucial to still hold the present secure, but not to get too worried about taking the necessary risks in order to truly push your leadership to the next level. This is another aspect that I was less confident at the beginning of this experience. Yet, through studying the successful risks of others and understanding the types of risks that are worth the plunge, I feel like I am more prepared to take on the entrepreneurial spirit within all of my leadership roles.

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Journal on Leadership Reflection Final Reflections This Assignment

Every strong leader has a solid mission statement to help guide them in their leadership roles. My personal mission statement demands that I be an innovative leader that inspires change and evolution to allow team members under me be more efficient. I have never been one to just follow the status quo because it is the easiest thing to do. Rather, I am the one who uses evidence-based thinking in order to inspire change within the team that will ultimately catapult the team to greater success. Looking back at my module reflection over the course of this experience, I feel that I have embodied this mission statement. There have been some snags along the way, but this is a learning experience, and I have made sure to learn from all the things that could have dragged me down. Being a leader is about embodying a multitude of roles so that the team can lean on you whenever they need assistance. I have learned where my weaknesses were that could have hindered me from embodying my personal mission statement and have spent time developing the skills necessary to overcome them. Through my own experience, I can now use these tools to continue to help inspire others to improve for the good of not only the team, but of themselves as well. Ultimately, in my position with the Army, my leadership could be what saves lives. That is a huge responsibility, one which requires dedication and effort to try to fine tune as best as possible. Through the reflections in this course, I feel that I have met my mission, but have opened up new doors to other possibilities… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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