Leadership Reflection Ioana Larion Term Paper

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Leadership Reflection

Ioana Larion

Although I am teaching full-time and working on a Master's in ESL, I do not think I am at the peak of my educational career at the present moment. This is a good time to ask myself why and to try to figure out a strategy for future growth.

Looking back at the years I spent in Europe as a foreign language teacher for French and English, I only remember myself as a young enthusiastic, dedicated and responsible teacher who rapidly asserted myself in the learning community. In my first year after college graduation, I taught adult colleagues using my translation, mentoring, networking, word processing skills. It seems like I did a good job since experienced, senior colleagues trusted me enough to name me head of international relations at my research company over several other experienced ladies and a man. As a translator, I dedicated countless hours to teach, tutor and accompany departments in conference presentations in many trips all over Europe and Asia and enjoyed every minute. Because I was young and had no family of my own at that time, I was always available and ready to offer my expertise. This situation made me a leader in the foreign language department in less than a year after graduation.

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What were my particular leadership styles? I was very young and respectful, always greeting people first, opening doors for ladies and older colleagues, and listening and following directions. I respected my students (some being older people with an international reputation in their field) and answered them courteously. I was always on time and prepared, and was very organized and enthusiastic. I think that giving my "body and soul," interacting correctly with others, having no family and being so focused in my ascending career made me quickly become a leader.

Term Paper on Leadership Reflection Ioana Larion Although I Am Assignment

After coming to the U.S., I became a French itinerant teacher where I hardly had a base school, a staff to belong to or any "leadership" opportunities. During this time, I was appointed the Itinerant Head of the French Department at the county level and a mentor. I did not think there was any other way "to advance on the ladder" when I was an itinerant teaching French who was overshadowed by the status of a certified teacher.

Currently, I teach French in a middle school and I'm a mentor, a member of the school improvement team, and an advisor… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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