Leadership Research Models Research Paper

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Forbes.] [7: Hansell, S. (2006, September). Yahoo Woos a Social Networking Site. The New York Times.] [8: Williams, A. (2012, Nov). Saying No to College. The New York Times. ]

Table 1- Leadership Table

Goffee & Jones Model

Individual Leader Characteristic

Drucker Model

Key Characteristics of Leadership

1- Revealing Weakness

2- Becoming Sensor

3- Tough Empathy

4- Being Different

Brought Sheryl Sandberg as COO to fill management experience gap


Writing Codes for Facebook and expanding the company

Diverse Team development

Facebook Home: A new application

Dropped out as Junior from Harvard and set up Facebook

1- Asks what needs to be done

2- What is right for the enterprise

3- Converting knowledge into action plans

4- Owning responsibility

5- Communication responsibility

6- Opportunities not problems

7- Productive meetings

8- We not I

IV- Conclusion

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Business leaders do not fit into one or another leadership model exclusively. However, a careful analysis indicates that some of the key characteristics described in two aforementioned models are present in each successful business leader. Mark Zuckerberg as a business leader was assessed in perspective of his leadership qualities by investigating the leadership style of Mr. Zuckerberg. It was revealed that Zuckerberg admits his weaknesses and pays close attention to market trends. This has enabled him to gather an empowered and diverse team in Facebook Company. As an effective executive, Zuckerberg practically develops action plans based on his knowledge. His emphasis has been on 'We' as a team and company rather than personal development only. Zuckerberg refused bid offers and instead stick to expanding the company.

Research Paper on Leadership Research Models of Leadership Assignment


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Leadership Models Research Paper

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