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The strategies and organizational level may rely on leaders and managers within the organization at lower levels developing the tactical operational strategies (Mintzberg et al., 2008).

The implementation of strategy will be aided with the communication of vision by the leader. In many cases a change in strategic direction will require changes within the organization. Models of change such as those proposed by Lewin, Kotter and Senge may or take different approaches, but all agree that the role of a leader and the communication by that leader is key in employees accepting change (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010). Communication regarding how and why change needs to occur will help to win over employees and gain their support and commitment to the organizational strategy. If a strategies to be successful, it is essential that the employees themselves actively support that change. Commitment by employees will also facilitate the evolution of strategy as incremental changes which may provide for further improvement may be noted throughout the hierarchy as a result of the motivation level.

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Overall, leaders may be seen as guiding light within an organization, able to have an initial vision and able to ensure that this vision is communicated to the employees, either directly or through the utilization of other employees within the organization. The leaders are able to ensure that the vision is understood, and motivate those involved in implementing a strategy to ensure that it is put into place. Finally, leaders will also play a role in monitoring the strategy, gathering feedback from their managers and assessing the results in order to determine any changes. These key aspects of strategizing is seen in both Steve Jobs and Howard Schwartz following their return to their roles as CEO in their respective companies, having a vision for the way in which the organization change, and then implementing it with the support of the Board of Directors and employees throughout the organization; clearly demonstrated important role of leadership in terms of the development and implementation of strategy.

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