Leadership Self-Analysis Amber Essay

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As per him, I gave him the task of designing the layout of the report regarding which no other details and key points were shared. Also, this designing required using particular software. Since, we were taking few courses together, I assumed that he has the necessary know how regarding that particular software. We did receive the final report with good layout but it was revealed later that he used paid services which made him incur expenses.

Where this was the assessment of my three team members, my expatriate team member mentioned the same feedback. Quite similar to the other three, he also mentioned few strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style. As per him, where I share enough direction with him which enables him to understand and perform the assigned task effectively, I sometimes leave too much room for him to operate which frustrates him as he doesn't bear much knowledge about the subject matter (Schmikl, 2004).

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On the basis of this differential assessment shared by my team members, I have come across a situation where I had to do self-analysis. This evaluation of myself helped me determine my own leadership style and strengths and weaknesses attached to it. I have realized through this activity that where I do bear strong traits of delegating leadership, I have difficulty in switching to delegating model when required. And also, I am unable to determine the competence level of my team members correctly. This makes me assume that they have necessary abilities and sufficient information which will tend to be helpful for them. Where I need to continue operating under the same leadership model, I need to have clear communication with them before and during the task which will help us understand the current status of the progress. Similar strategy will help me with the weak members of the group as it will give them enough room for discussion and necessary guidance will be given to them on timely basis.

TOPIC: Essay on Leadership Self-Analysis Amber Leadership Has Assignment

Where this practice will help me develop my existing strengths; I need to develop few new ones as well. I need to ensure that I exhibit enough flexibility which would help me in adaptation of the situation I am facing. Where situational leadership model is all about flexibility, it is necessary that the leader must understand the situation in hand; person involved in it and acts accordingly. Also, I need to develop strength of understanding my recipient's portfolio well. Until unless, I don't understand who and what I am dealing with, necessary adaptation would be difficult to perform (Kets De Vries, 2005).

Therefore, in order to be an effective situational leader, I need to make sure that I understand the profile of my team well, and show enough flexibility in practice i.e. Adopt a leadership style according to the recipient's needs. Along with this, I need to bank on my existing leadership style by having frequent communication with the team (McLagan, 2002b).

Situation leadership has by far managed to outrun other leadership styles and theories. This leadership model compels the leader to adapt to change their leadership style dependent on the task, situation faced and individuals in the group. While personal characteristics of a traditional leader such as charisma and intellect are imperative in nature; along with them, situational leadership can also be applied due to its flexible nature. Successful leader is one who understands his team members and treats them accordingly to achieve maximum efficiency out of them and also helps them grow.

Where this activity helps us understand what situational leadership is and how it should be applied, it also helped us understand our own leadership style. And due to the peer evaluation that we shared during this activity, it also helped us understand the strengths that we already have and also those that we need to develop as a leader. Hence, Leadership is a relationship that requires unmitigated trust and unbridled passion, situational leadership theory provides the direction and support required for individuals and groups to attain their goals.


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