Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz Shows Research Paper

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The skill-building exercise 2-4 is related to my leadership portfolio. I was asked to choose five traits, motives, and characteristics that I have exhibited in the past and discuss examples of how these traits manifested in my life. The five traits, motives, and characteristics that I have chosen are as follows.

1. Open mindedness: I cherish having an open mind, something that I believe all good leaders have. An open mind makes us able to think critically because we are willing to see a situation from multiple points-of-view. We are less likely to become biased, and more willing to be honest with ourselves and others when we have an open mind. Open-mindedness is especially important in a diverse organization because we are sensitive to the needs of others.

2. Creative thinker: Sometimes the best answer or solution is not the most obvious one. The creative thinker explores a problem from multiple angles, and then discovers new and sometimes radical ways of looking at the situation. Creative thinking means welcoming new ideas, and being willing to use the imagination when coming up with solutions.

3. Loyalty: Most of the people who I have worked with in the past define me as a loyal person. I can be loyal to the company I work for in the sense that I can envision myself working with the same team over the course of many years, developing trust and enjoying the benefits of having a long-term vision. I am also loyal to people, and will not violate trust.

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4. Honesty: It can be difficult to remain honest in a cutthroat world, but I believe that it is important to be as honest as possible when dealing with people. The trust we build with others when we are honest is far more important than any short-term gain from lying.

Research Paper on Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz Shows How Assignment

5. Good listener: Others have told me that I am a good listener. I make eye contact frequently, and stay silent while the other person is talking. This is especially important when working as a leader.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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