Leadership Self-Assessment Case Study

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10). In that regard, therefore, leadership development has got to do with the enhancement of leadership qualities in an individual. Malcolm has his sights set on "the corner office." Indeed, all his activities and actions seem focused on this particular goal. To be effective, leaders ought to develop their leadership competencies -- something they could do via on-the-job training, attending mentorship sessions, etc. Malcolm's various engagements and the mentorship initiative are all critical components of leadership development.

2. What would you recommend that Malcolm do to facilitate his path to an executive position?

To facilitate his path to an executive position, Malcolm should concentrate on the tasks assigned to him, as his promotion could be pegged on how well he performs on this front. A promotion is likely to be granted on the basis of his performance and experience gathered in various capacities. Although his career ambitions are also valid, he should not focus too much on them.

3. To what extent do you think Jessica's comment is justified?

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Jessica's advice that Malcolm focuses more on performance, as opposed to promotion, is not only justified but also timely. Although Malcolm's idea of career progress may not necessarily be old fashioned, his focus on career ambitions ought to be contained and made more realistic. As I have already pointed out elsewhere in this text, a promotion is likely to be granted on the basis of Malcolm's performance and experience gathered in various capacities.


TOPIC: Case Study on Leadership Self-Assessment Assignment

Lawson, K. (2008). Leadership Development Basics. Danvers,…
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