Leadership Skills to Develop a Career Research Proposal

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Leadership Skills to Develop a Career

Using Leadership Skills to Develop a Career

First, recognizing that the leadership skills known today will hopefully be fine-tuned, strengthened and made more valuable through experiences through my career, this paper discusses how leadership skills will be used for developing my career for the long-term. The leadership characteristics most valued including transparency and trust (Gilley, Dixon, Gilley, 153) and the ability to lead with passion and emotional intelligence (EI) are two essential aspects of any set of leadership skills (Marques, 648).

My Leadership Skills Inventory: Present and Future

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The catalyst of any effective executive is the ability to foster, earn and grow trust with subordinates and associates (Drucker, 59) enabling subordinates to attain the highest levels of accomplishment based on their innate talents and strengths. This attribute of leadership also includes the ability to seek out the strengths of subordinates and when possible, peers to assist them to get to their goals. The very essence of leadership is the ability to be empathetic and clearly communicate with others and is considered to be the foundation of EI (McGuire, Rhodes, Palus, 3). As a result of the importance of EI, I think this needs to be the foundation for using leadership skills to advance my career by first focusing on this skill set and its continued growth. With a solid foundation of EI the ability to ascertain which career opportunities best fit with my unique skills sets and preferences can be defined. EI is also essential for managing subordinates in a first-time management position. Paying attention to this skill set and continually seeking to refine and grow it is going to be essential for my career to progress.

Research Proposal on Leadership Skills to Develop a Career Using Assignment

Second, working on transparency and trust is also critical to using leadership skills in my career. The ability to match up or align what I say I am going to do and what I actually do has everything to do with my credibility, in fact leaders get judged more harshly than others on the alignment of these two points. For leaders, walking the talk and fulfilling commitments is exceptionally important. As with anyone, working to bridge the gap between expectations created and fulfilled is critical for the development of any career. This is the catalyst of credibility that needs to be continually pursued to have an exceptionally strong career over time. The ability to earn and nurture trust is essential for any leader to be effective over the long-term (Hurley, 84).

Nothing of any substantial value ever gets created and maintained in an organization without passion. It is the fuel that propels projects to completion, gets goals attained and keeps teams working together towards a common goal (Marques, 649). In making the big decisions about ones' career it is therefore much more insightful to choose only those positions, whether in an individual or leader role, that one has the greatest passion for. Before embarking on professional career in any given field it is also critical to re-examine ones' one motivations and chose only those areas where there is enough passion to overcome disappointments, fatigue, loss while traversing a learning curve of a new company and its culture. In short, passion is a must-have for any leader to make any progress at all in the turbulent and economically challenging times we all live in today. I do have passion for specific areas and concentrate on them, and it is essential for my career decisions to base them on my innate strengths on the one hand and my passions on the other. I believe that at the intersection of innate abilities on the one hand and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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