Leadership in Sports Term Paper

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Leadership in Sports

One of the important benefits of taking an active part in Sports of any kind is the fact that the members of the team would develop certain leadership qualities. However, the fact is that if the leader were not good, then the performance of the entire team would inevitably suffer. The leadership of a team must be of a level that would to only inspire the team members to a better performance, but would also show them the way to do it by leading well. The role of a Coach in leading his team is therefore, paramount, in the performance of the team. Certain coaches have the ability to train their members in such a way that not only one but all the members of the entire sporting team would develop leadership qualities and this would definitely improve the performance of the team to a great extent. (Leadership Skills and Sport: Going beyond the 'Team Captain')

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Leadership is generally defined as the process by which an individual would be able to guide the group of individuals under his leadership towards a collective goal or a collective accomplishment, collective here referring to any type of event from any field such as sporting or music, and so on. The Coach of the team must assume this important role if he hoped for a good performance from his team members. A Coach today must not only be able to guide his team but also be able to adapt a holistic approach in all his dealings with his team. This also means that he must be able to not only bring out that individual's skills in sport but also mould them in an all round psychological growth and development of all the members of the team. This would mean hat a Coach today must possess a certain visionary ideal and the charisma to implement the ideal, and he must use sensible leadership as well as communication skills and qualities to make sensible decisions about his team. However, if the Coach is to have a vision about his team, then he must at first have a basic idea of how he wants his team to perform, where he wants his team to reach, what he wants his team members to accomplish, and how they would have to go about fulfilling his vision. (Leadership Skills and Sport: Going beyond the 'Team Captain')

Term Paper on Leadership in Sports Assignment

If this were to be the center of his Coaching ideal, then the team would be able to perform at its optimum best. Another important characteristic of a good Coach and a good leader is the 'charisma' that he has to possess. The charismatic nature of the team leader will in fact get the tem to perform better and also to achieve greater things than they would if the leader was a bland and very simple person. A Coach who possesses this charismatic leadership quality would be able to better inspire his team into better performances; not just because he says that they must do better, but because he leads the way by actually showing or demonstrating to them how to do better and how to improve their performance in a much better manner. Therefore, the charismatic leader would not only lead the way for his team but would also better understand the various factors that serve to motivate the team and empower them in such a manner that they would become the bets that they could ever hope to become under his leadership. (Leadership Skills and Sport: Going beyond the 'Team Captain')

The general opinion is that a leader of a team must possess all the qualities that he wants his team members to possess, and this is one way of assuring imminent success in the performance of the team. For example, if the Coach would want the members of his team to be self-confident and full of self-control and in possession of excellent discipline, then he must also possess all the skills that he expects in his team members. The members must be able to emulate him; it is only then that the team would find its mentor in their Coach. An outstanding leader must also be ready to learn all the time, and understand the fact that learning never stops and that it is a continuous process. He must also be in a position where he is willing to admit to any mistakes that had been committed by him during the process of coaching his team members. (Leadership Characteristics) good Coach must be able to comprehend the individuality of each member of his team, and also, at the same time, be able to understand that each member as an individual makes up the team, and therefore, understand the team dynamics better, and take all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure that the team dynamics is at its optimum best. The team would them be able to give its best performance and achieve whatever goals the Coach has set for them. The secret is to set a goal that would push the players into delivering their best ever performance, each and every time that they play. Therefore, the role of a Coach must never be underestimated, since it is a well-understood fact that the Coach will make or break a team. (Leadership Characteristics)

Phil Jackson, the most 'winning' Coach to have ever coached a basketball team and pushed them and made them into the winners that they are today, is one of the best Leaders and Coaches that the United States of America has seen, in recent times. His leadership, his visionary thinking, and his sometimes philosophical attitude towards the game has made the 'Los Angeles Lakers' the NBA's best team for the past few seasons. Kobe Bryant, one of the star members of his team has this to say about Phil Jackson: sometimes one dose not understand what exactly he is saying, but whatever it is, one does tend to listen hard whenever he talks. (Phil Jackson, Zen and Now)

Phil Jackson has led his team towards victory in three consecutive seasons, in the years 2000, 2001, and 2002. The secret of his success lies in the fact that Phil is not only a dynamic leader and an excellent motivator but he is also an individual who is able to, with mere force of will, able to exert a large amount of influence on his team and its members in such a way that the performance of the entire group of individuals within the team becomes elevated. Marty Adelstein, the Original's CEO, says that the entire team of LA has been extremely excited about the fact that Phil Jackson would be taking over the coaching of the basketball team this year, and the entire country has embraced this leader feeling that he would be able to guide the tem towards a definite victory, without fail. This Coach has the distinction of holding a record-tying nine NBA Championships as a Head Coach. (Lakers Coach Phil Jackson signs with WMA and Original Entertainment)

The career wining percentage is a tremendous.728, which is the best so far in nay season, in the season from 2003 to 2004. Phil Jackson's 'playoff winning percentage' is also a high.730, which has been adjudged as the best ever, in addition to his having won more playoff games than any in NBA history. He was also selected as the best NBA Coach of the year in 1996. It was in June 1999 that Phil Jackson joined the Lakers team and led them towards a stupendous NBA victory of a record breaking 67 wins during the regular season from 1999 to 2000. This season was in fact crowned by a run through the playoffs, and a victory in the six game series over the Indiana Pacers in the Finals. The franchise's first NBA championship was followed by another one under the able leadership and coaching of Phil Jackson. Los Angeles in 2002 tied for a post-season record of such consecutive victories, and this enabled them to start the playoffs and also to set an all time post season record of about.938 percentage of winning, and this led in turn to a victory over the Philadelphia 76 ers. (Lakers Coach Phil Jackson signs with WMA and Original Entertainment)

The very next year, Los Angeles rebounded with the win that they acquired over the 3-2 series deficit, wherein they won the Western Conference Title, and when they played in the Finals, topped over the New Jersey Nets. Phil Jackson had been a winner even before he joined the Lakers. He had spent about nine seasons as the Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls, and it was during this period that he had coached the star performer Michael Jordan into a winner. During this period, the Chicago Bulls managed to acquire six Championship Titles, which were repeated from the years 1991 to 1993, and from 1996 through 1998. However, Phil Jackson's career had begun even before this; he had… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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