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Recommendations to Jobs would be to retain his passion and energy, because those are the core qualities that helped make Apple the brand that it is today. However, Jobs needs to connect more with servant leadership qualities, developing commitment to the growth of people rather than just a commitment to the growth of products. He could also borrow some tips from participative leaders who understand the importance of empowering employees to take charge of the company so that their decisions can become the next product innovation in Apple's future. As it is now, Apple has no charismatic leader at the helm and the future of the company is therefore called into question.

Jobs has the potential to blend visionary, transformational, and charismatic leadership with servant leadership. He does not necessarily need to change even his communication style; Jobs would simply need to create a formal program whereby new talent can be cultivated to make way for the leaders of the future. Given his visionary approach to running Apple, it is actually ironic that Jobs did not have a stronger vision for the leadership vacuum that would emerge after he died. His death was not sudden, and he had ample time to prepare. Recommendations to improve the current effectiveness of the Apple company would be to inject new visionary leadership that is sorely lacking after Jobs's death.


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Term Paper on Leadership Steve Jobs Assignment

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