Leadership Strategies Term Paper

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Leadership Strategies

There are a number of very specific, sequential steps Mario can take to both induce a proper assortment of leadership behaviors and to convince the Pizza Club to continue its altruistic endeavors following the graduation of most of its founding members. The key is for Mario to properly plan in advance the particular measures he will use to have the focus of the meeting he is planning be task-related and eventually result in the propagation of the Pizza Club following graduation. By utilizing effective research and facets of critical thinking skills, he should be able to convince the group of his goal and eventually make his goal theirs as well.

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The first step Mario can take is to plan an agenda for the meeting. The planning of such an agenda requires an adequate amount of preparation which, in this specific case, will require Mario to outline the specific phases of his meeting. The first phase would ideally involve utilizing Alex's contact information for all of the group members to ask them to bring in a written summary of the specific tasks that they were involved in that the Pizza Club accomplished during its tenure. This summary would help to serve as the introductory phase of Mario's meeting and would allow members to recall all of the various good deeds the club accomplished (such as the dissemination of student health insurance, the building of the neighborhood park, and the election of one of its members to the town council). By having group members recount their involvement in the achievements of the club to start off the meeting, Mario would ensure that the meeting is decidedly goal oriented as opposed to social, demonstrate to other club members that the Pizza Club has accomplished some significant ends, and reinforce his point that the Club has produced too much good to simply disband.

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