Leadership and Strategy Case Study

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¶ … Leadership & Strategy

Strategic leadership provides the vision and direction for the growth and success of an organization. To successfully deal with change, all executives need the skills and tools for both strategy formulation and implementation.[1] Managing change and ambiguity requires strategic leaders who not only provide a sense of direction, but who can also build ownership and alignment within their workgroups to implement change.[2] With that said, this essay will discuss GE system of leadership development and also the Leadership, Innovation and Growth (LIG) programme has helped GE manage change.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Case Study on Leadership and Strategy Assignment

With evaluating the GE system of leadership development "Talent Machine: The Making of a CEO)," a lot can be said. It is clear that it is an organization has a lot of good qualities and the researcher and his organization. Throughout its history, GE always had a way of promoting its top leaders from its own ranks. The company's would need to be much admired executive growth practices were entrenched in the cultural standards that are put in place by Charles Coffin. One thing good about the company is that they have had some good leadership ever since 1892. However, throughout the years, Coffin's promise in being able to create a meritocracy which is founded on measured performance turned out to be the basis for a culture that was to turn the GE into "a CEO factory" as one observer called it. Evaluating the history of the leadership in GE is very important because throughout the 20" century, this machine was able to produce a pool of skilled managers that not merely lived up to the company's own needs, but then again also turned out to be a major source of CEO talent for business America. As a manager, so powerfully lasting was Coffin's achievement that a 2003 Fortune Magazine article named him "the utmost CEO… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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