Leadership Style Being Employed Essay

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An even further extended finding by the same study showed that there was "empirical support for a more refined conception that casts leadership for student learning as a process of mutual influence in which school capacity both shapes and is shaped by the school's collective leadership" (p. 96). In other words, the use of collaborative leadership can have an even more positive impact of the participants than what was initially reasoned.

One of the problems facing the collaborative leader is that this style of management may not be as efficient as it is needed to be. However, since the educational system already displays a high degree of inefficiency, the likelihood that additional inefficiencies will surface are relatively small. Another downside to collaborative leadership is that some of the members of the classroom may not feel up to participating, or may take the opportunity to be lazy, not complete their work or allow someone else to finish the vast majority of the 'project'. Students who are not up to the classroom expertise can also be left behind rather quickly.

I would not change a whole lot of what is already taking place, except to perhaps institute a more formal structure to the ongoing collaboration. Introducing additional structure can assist in classroom and school management to a high degree.

As a leader in this type of school and program, I would definitely be out and about as much as possible, communicating with students, teachers, other administrators and parents in an ongoing and consistent manner.


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Hallingera, P. & Heck, R.H.; (2010) Collaborative leadership and school improvement: Understanding the impact on school capacity and student learning, School Leadership & Management, Vol. 30, Issue 2, pp. 95 -- 110

Essay on Leadership Style Being Employed in Assignment

Steinheider, B. & Wuestewald, T.; (2008) From the bottom-up: Sharing leadership in a police agency,…
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