Leadership Style in Community-Based Healthcare Essay

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¶ … Leadership Style in Community-Based Healthcare

This paper discusses about finding a leadership style that is applicable in community-based healthcare provisions with more emphasis on the qualities of leadership and skills required in this field especially for a person with ENTJ personality. As the paper illustrates, leadership will incorporate the relevant processes to enable others perform a given task with either a formal or an informal influence depending whether it applies in leadership perspective, a managerial perspective, or a combination of the two (Wiseman, & Guy, n, d.). For an ENTJ personality, leadership should direct and mobile followers to perform a particular set task where talents dictates success of the strategies put in place (Berens, 2001). Their leadership styles and creative expressions should be inclined towards success. In addition, proper communication and education helps maintain and acquire respectively the necessary skills and qualities of a leader. Because the leadership skills and qualities can be complex in understanding as they range from technical or analytical skills, relation skills, strategic skills, financial and personal to self development skills, finding appropriate leadership style in a field, leadership skills and competences/qualities are integrative key factors in leadership and they should be in harmony to achieve the set goals.

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Leadership skills and qualities will differ between individuals, and this capability constitutes the procedures in which an individual becomes obligated to lead, irrespective of the level and subject matter in leadership. In addition to this capability, the leader should also be able to involve others such that they undertake a task that the leader desires and the increasing influence that this individual has on other people goes beyond their formal capacities. In this perspective, a leader will be either formal or informal. For a formal leader, this individual will have a formal authority coupled by varying degrees of incremental effect on others and this for instance can apply for department head. On the other hand, an informal leader will have no formal power on others but with be having a lot of incremental influence. These two will apply in any leadership level and in any field. Any leadership, depending on its application will have either a precise application or imprecise implementation. This will also depend on whether the application is under a leader or managers because these two differ in some extend (Wiseman, & Guy, n.d.). Therefore, it is important also to understand the difference that exists between a leader and a manger as these two overlap in their executions. For example, a leader can or can fail to be a manager too and vice versa, or can have the two qualities. Therefore, to find the appropriate leadership style in a field, leadership skills and competences/qualities are integrative key factors in leadership and they should be in harmony to achieve the set goals.

In reference to the two, a leader and a manger, a leader will be able to establish direction to others as well as bring in to line other people such that in the process he is able to motivate and stimulate others to produce change in the end with a main target in the exercise. Differently, a manager will be able to plan and budget his/her respective department finances and other necessary necessities in the quest to organize and staff his/her subordinates to solve a problem by establishing the proper order and predictability such that the intended activities/tasks are able to move forward smoothly.

For an effective leadership, it will depend on how, who, the leader associates and what he/she puts in a system. For example, how a leader behaves determines the leadership style of that leader and who the followers are is determined by the capability and what and how the leader induces his/her followers in a certain direction for any given task to be completed. In addition, the harmony that exist between the how and the who above will definitely affect the effectiveness of any leadership and then, what leadership skills a leader is able to inflict in the system to produce the desired results (Wiseman, & Guy, n.d.).

The understanding of what entails a leader and a manger forms the basis to understanding the qualities and skills necessary for a general practitioner in leadership, for example in community healthcare. This is however, a general perspective, as no specific personality type is in question. Therefore, in respect to this, we look at leadership skills and qualities in respect to an ENTJ personality as it is the association of a particular personality and leadership that helps one understand his/her leadership style.

With an ENTJ personality, the leader is out to direct and mobilize others to undertake a certain task where their talents will determine the policies necessary for development, putting down the required plans and enabling an unbroken series of any associated undertakings in the efforts to implement the strategies in place (Sperry, 2002). This personality type is the one that directs the followers to attaining set goals as their uncompromised visions help in the structuring flourish in controlling crowds to undertake required tasks. From their capacity to organize things perfectly, an ENTJ type are able to stay in control is difficult situations and thus be at peace in establishing effective organizations with set significance to help attain set goals (Berens, 2001, p. 22).

These people (ENTJ personalities) when in the attempt to find solutions to problems that face them, they will remain distant without any personal reference or objective as they mentally conventionalize and obtain necessary information factually, which will enable them, through their visions find encouragements to achieve set goals. With an open perspective, they are able to think outside the box in a faster and accurate way to establish "same time" examinations of the great number references. From this approach, they are able to make certain decisions that have strong basis on their orderly structure to undertake and met their long-term plans or policies. Decision making being a core aspect of the processes of solving a problem, the ENTJs put in place a correctly reasoned exchange of views that has long-term consequences. As different situations can present varying challenges that may require prioritization, they are able to apply their flexibility to utilize time wisely such that they avoid disappointments that may result from poor decision-making and prioritization (Berens, 2001). To manage the situations perfectly, they will use their intelligence to establish logistics that work for different situations, applying their relevant leadership styles.

The ENTJs leadership style asserts itself as an essential aspect that is inclined to vision and orientations that remain advancing to solve the respective problems. Their communication priority remains high and the significance that relates unrelenting critical analysis is their focus. The general practitioners, as leaders, will live in situations that are complicated and of urgent claims and such situations help, them to remain stimulated throughout their leadership as they organize and put together their intelligences to foretell the possible consequences and therefore being able to put in place the necessary short-term procedures and plots that help achieve the set aim. They will at some times present a positive notion but limited because they try to reduce out-speaking about their challenging social distinctive capabilities. Through their abilities, they remain prevailing and self-assertive to maintain their exalted influence. Because they will spare no single effort to achieve their long-term goals in structuring and developing their abilities, their positive attributes on leadership however may disrupt their physical or mental investments because some of the leaders observe the practical acquaintance of the facts concerning their sense of dignity or superiority endurance of extra-vision opinions (Berens, 2001, p. 22)

There will always be a times when creativity comes in handy in trying to solve some demanding or difficult tasks that may require or look routinely oriented in the serve to direct, which can come as a trial of one's capacity. Whenever this happens, they will stand out to present a preliminary plan and carry out the fundamental strategy with ingenious simplicity. Driven by their determination to succeed more effectively, and perceive clearly than any prior attempts on the endeavor, their capacity for activity in the organization of the necessary frameworks and logistics, are the uncertain but certain methods/procedures of making things a reality concerning the main goal. This is a character they exhibit to outdo others with a back-vision that this procedure is only a fraction of the long-term strategy. Because the ENTJs are able to kill several birds with a single stone, they are able to orient others through their innovativeness, to establish the best possible methods to plan and control utilization of the available resources to achieve the best possible results with positive consequences. They will also take pleasure in finding out a most significant orientation and assist others to achieve the set goals (Berens, 2001).

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