Leadership Style and Traits Research Paper

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He says that he wants his people to look from the crews eyes and to believe that benfold is the best ship among all in Navy. He made his people understand and believe in their own self and he believed that this strategy works best.


Abrashoff believed that leading or managing the ship depends on communicating efficiently with his people so that they may work collectively and with hard work. He believes in giving a clear vision to his employees.

He focuses on communicating information that actually contains meaningful reason.

He made improvements through opening himself towards criticism, so that people feel free to open them also and start owning the organization with putting their efforts sincerely and giving their devotion to work.

Make people understand that they can do well so that better results must be achieved collectively.

Creating a trustworthy environment:

Abrashoff believes in giving his employees an environment of confidence in order for himself to sit back and let his employees handle the situation. For him, trust is a key strength for employees sustaining. Moreover, he says trust could only be earned by giving back.

It has been said by him that if an organization wins, it means that all wins who are working for the organization.

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One more thing according to Abrashoff that needs to be understanding that if there they find any bad situation and one can solve it then no need to keep your boss's attention over it. But in situations which are uncontrollable; the boss should be informed.


A good leader must protect his employees from the bad situation and from situations which are intolerable. Abrashoff find this a little bit crucial.

Always be the best in handling any responsibility that has been given.


Research Paper on Leadership Style and Traits Leadership Assignment

Provide crews an atmosphere in which they feel free to raise any questions, suggestions or solutions. If this is followed; leaders will always be superior to their employees. However, if this strategy is not to be followed by the managers then the situation will not give productive outcomes. Once the leader gets a bad impression, it is difficult to get the same reputation back.

Abrashoff has been determined to put the ship like an institution of continuous learning. So that got a perfect and systematic analysis for what needs to be done and what not.


Risk taking seems to be a step that needs to taken very carefully by proper measuring and for a strong and growing organization praising risk takers are productive, no matter if one fails one time.

"He believes if the rule never gives some sense, let it be break"


Abrashoff believes in thinking realistically and imaginatively and getting prepared for what comes ahead. Furthermore, to discover new procedures and new solutions for different problems.

Get prepared for meeting the challenging situations, that would rather make more confident for unforeseen scenarios

Abrashoff practices working smarter rather than working harder

Focuses on the first priorities that need to be considered. And also made his sailors focus on the important priorities that need to be dealt first.


Here Abrashoff relied on building one's self-esteem making others feel pleased about their work. This directly improves the outcome and one's morale. Always tried to show concerns in trusting them and believe in them that simply is the art of doing things well. He believes in a principle of never tearing their bosses let down but helps them to grow lastly and strongly. As he says "if you want to achieve anything bureaucratically get under the bosses head" it clearly means to let the boss feel that their problems have been solved by their employees.


Like more people, Abrashoff provides a more supportive and friendly environment for his employees so his sailors feel motivated and as he thanked them for their efforts, in return they put more efforts for the future. Here he gives an example of positive reinforcement that leads to an outstanding leadership. However, it has been observed that various leaders are skipping this strategy. Leaders tend to discontinue in maintaining personal connectivity while they only follow this rule being connected through electronic media. As the perception goes on that, being connected electronically is more effective than personally. However, it's not true, even the perception is totally wrong. As being connected electronically is just like being lost over the world.

Trust in your people that may risen up their confidence and also challenges and boost their inside competency

New arrivals should be treated well: he focuses on giving the prestige to the new arrivals, so that their blood runs more fast till from the starts.

Act like a rising tide so that may lift the boats: organizations' success depends on working collectively and leaders should always act upon, when jealousy factors generate among employees. It paralyzes the whole environment and subordinates relationships.

Building up the boss. Abrashoff aims and believed to act as a player who must be a consummate team member. And got to anticipate the ones need before they themselves realized.

Always expect something good from the crew: he teaches the people to behave in a way that everyone must be talented.

Building up the people: by one's self grooming or training sessions it improves the overall group level intelligence and skills and in the long run this is good for the organization too. In some organizations it is believed that grooming or building up the people is an investment of their assets.


Counseling employees on a yearly basis and giving them a continuous feedback is a key of being a good leader. A chance of shedding the bad performers is only good when one has received the chance to get improved.


A good leader is one who puts his efforts in keeping their members unite and makes them realize that working collectively is best for the organization in long-term. Here, Abrashoff has found out that the staff who works collectively and believes in unity always gives better results. Unity was the important purpose for his model of leadership.

Abrashoff believes that everyone has some weaknesses. All are having some weaknesses and strengths, so he respect everyone's dignity

Training that focuses on unity teaches giving value to all instead of devaluing anyone.

He wants his people to know about two things on his ship. The one is being punished for doing wrong things and second being fair.


Give people access to improve the quality of their life. For example:

Create an environment in which a friendlier atmosphere is provided and bonuses are given.

Better food must be provided as Abrashoff's top priorities are to get a good meal, good training sessions and more promotions.

He encourages his sailors when he shows off his ship, in this way employees consider their jobs not as a miserable territory.

The reason behind good work is the better they play at USS Benfold (Tomlinson, 2005)


Simply the leadership is an art of doing and handling complex things smartly; as a common person one cannot handle or manage everything clearly. Sometimes the easier things for one person would become a tougher task for another. As different leadership styles has been thought like autocratic, bureaucratic and laissez faire.

Among them the most effective and productive leadership is known to be participative in which leaders always encourage their team members and allow members to give their inputs in the same way that Abrashoff did, so that contributions and participation level of team members automatically rises up with the passage of time.

In this way, group members or team members engage themselves in the work and produce more creative results, which overall give positive results to the organization. Not only do they get this but the leaders also get motivated if the outcomes bring positive results.

This is the style that has been followed by the captain Michael Abrashoff in his profession under Navy.

Captain Abrashoff focuses on building and putting up the self-esteem of his people. He says his job is to turn new ones into more experienced ones so that they make gratified to Edward Benfold.

He understands and perceives that most of the sailors are incapable of giving positive results due to having some sort of insecurities in their child hood. He perceives as make the bosses grow strong, so no one can ignore the point of praise. Just take over the situation which the boss wants his employee to get in before the time he asked to do so. Solve out the boss problems as they are mine and made him believe that one is more responsible and worried for him. In this way the things get easier and can… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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