Term Paper: Leadership Styles of Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth

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¶ … leadership styles of Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I, comparing their ruling styles, the sociological thinking of the day that might have influenced their decision-making, and their strengths as women in a male dominated society. Women as leaders have always existed, from Biblical times to the present day. However, some women, such as Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I have been exceptional leaders with leadership skills that set them apart from many illustrious male rulers.

Cleopatra ruled Egypt from "51-30 BC and was the last Macedonian ruler of that country.

She first ruled jointly with her brothers/husbands Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV" (Gonos). Cleopatra is famous for her love affairs with Roman leaders Caesar and Marc Antony, but her leadership style set her apart, as well. She was a forward-thinking leader even for her time, and one of her most far-reaching leadership skills was to attempt to make Egypt as strong as possible by aligning it with one of the world's most formidable powers - the Roman Empire.

Cleopatra used her womanly charms to gain access to some of the world's most powerful leaders, but it was all because of her own beliefs about Egypt and world domination. Writer Gonos continues, "Cleopatra's personal goal was to keep Egypt from losing its position of power within the Mediterranean. She used power and influence tactics to overcome the leadership limitations placed upon her as women" (Gonos). There were limitations on women leaders, because they had to overcome an extremely male dominated society, and become effective leaders when some of those men might even be plotting against them. Both of these women were clearly strong and well educated, and they knew how to use their power effectively, not only to dominate their enemies, as Queen Elizabeth did, but to gain alliances with others, as Cleopatra did. They had to be strong to survive in a world of men, and they knew it.

Queen Elizabeth I, also known as one of the world's strongest female… [END OF PREVIEW]

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