Leadership Styles Discussion Leadership Responses Term Paper

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Leadership Styles

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Term Paper on Leadership Styles Discussion Leadership Responses Response 1 Assignment

Response 1 don't really see challenging assumptions as part of the 'coach' leadership style. I suppose because of my images of coaches in real life, I tend to see this leadership style, as more conservative, encouraging people to meet certain predetermined standards by a certain series of drills, support, and encouragement, rather than seeking a new path in the manner of a more transformational style, or adopting the input of employees in an innovative fashion in a method of transactional exchange. However, sometimes coaching is necessary to help people meet a certain standard agreed upon by everyone in the organization, like coaching an employee in appropriate means of expression that meet standards of respect and decency for employees of all races, ethnic groups, and religions. Encouraging the employee to not just conform to the rules, but to change her mindset as well would seem to take your leadership style to the 'next level.' think it would be very difficult to be a 'Mother Teresa' in an organization devoted to commerce, regarding your comments about servant leadership. That leadership style seems best suited to a teacher or a counselor at school, although when an employee is going through a difficult time, or even when the company is going through a transitional period, setting a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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