Leadership Styles -- Mentor Observations Term Paper

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In these cases most of the times the employees working under the supervisor were less skilled or had very little knowledge of the situation at hand and how to progress in such a setting. In this case it makes sense to have an autocratic leadership style.

Styles Appealing To Follow ship Style and Why

The most appealing style is a democratic or participative one because it encourages team cohesiveness and engages all members of the staff in the decision making process. This form of leadership acknowledges the skills, talents and abilities of each member of the staff and encourages comprehensive care that results from the collective experiences of many (rather than the experiences of a few). In such an environment employees often feel more empowered and willing to participate or collaborate to facilitate better patient care and patient outcomes in a clinical care setting. This form of leadership often encourages greater team work and motivates employees to work together in a positive manner.

The next best form of leadership would be a laissez-fair or free reign style, which would only make sense if the employee had more experience or skills in a particular setting than their supervisor. This form of leadership can be very empowering when used in the right situation. Rather than relinquish the supervisor of his or her authority, this leadership style takes into consideration the collective experiences of staff and encourages highly skilled employees to make decisions.


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Term Paper on Leadership Styles -- Mentor Observations Assignment

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