Term Paper: Leadership: Succeeding in the Private

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[. . .] A transformational leader is one that can transform a school from a bland, unproductive place where students are bored, to a school where students are anxious to get into their classrooms and teachers are motivated and energized. The transformational leader plays what Northouse calls "…a pivotal role in precipitating change," and he or she is able to get students, administrators, teachers, board members and parents on the same page. A transformational leader is generally a person with charisma, although that is not necessary. I have had the good fortune to have been led by a transformational leader in an educational environment and this person raised the level of motivation because he knew what was needed and he had the up-tempo, believable personality to make the changes needed in an otherwise sluggish school.

Chapter 10: Servant Leadership (Local Government): Not everyone can become a servant leader, but the concept opens the door to a person who serves first. Before becoming a servant leader, one must first serve in some capacity. In the Local Government context, a person would start typically as a volunteer perhaps at a homeless shelter or in a church group. Later, upon showing that he or she cares about others first, he may become a school board member and later a city council member who cares urgently that everyone in the community is served. A servant leader has "…a thorough understanding of the organization… [can] recognize others' problems" and is "…willing to take the time to address them" (Northouse). The servant leader is also so sensitive to others' concerns that he will "…exhibit emotional healing" by making himself available to others in order to provide support for them (Northouse).

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