Leadership and Supervising Influences in Human Services Research Paper

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In Human Service, leadership and supervision refer to individuals with the responsibility of assigning roles, schedules, organizes, and making ultimate decision for a firm or organization. The model of supervision places many effects on leadership traits and governance systems following the approach to supervision above others. The following study discusses the different leadership model roles characterized by the critical elements in the process of supervision. The paper highlights the hardships that supervisors encounter in evaluating job components comprising of employee motivation against productivity scales. It also presents an analysis of the traits of leadership that supervisors require in exerting authority on others.

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It is clear that there are three fundamental leadership roles in human service: mediator, mentor, and manager. Mediation, mentorship, and management are areas that present opportunities for workers to address the challenges facing their peers. The work of management includes exercising control over various units, divisions and businesses (Glickman, Gordon & Ross-Gordon, 2007). Supervisors are tasked with essential responsibilities of ensuring that organizational goals are realized. Mediation involves maintaining neutrality between conflicting parties and presenting settlements to the disputes. The scope of the mediator facilitates the process of organizational interactions between conflicting parties while facilitating mutual agreement on strategies and implementation concepts. The mentorship role maintains relationships and provides resources ensuring that people's needs are satisfied. From the above definition, it is prudent for the supervisors to share their content and views relating to the management, mediation, and mentorship for purposes of gaining success. Strategies for monitoring and enhancing growth and development of employees should be implemented (Roper, 2011).

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Research Paper on Leadership and Supervising Influences in Human Services Assignment

The Supervisory Dyad presents multi-faceted processes of decision-making. Several phases of supervision characterize the dyad like indexing preliminary work, beginning, endings and transitions. The preliminary phase of the Supervisory Dyad allows the supervisor to get an appropriate mindset prior to progressing with phase implementation. Further, beginning the phase explains the reasons why supervision forms a necessity among decision-makers and persons affected. Another area of concern in the phase includes the level of supervision necessary in the formulation of compliance policies and regulations. New supervisory roles are encouraged for purposes of listening to employees while agreeing to work collectively for greater good in performance regulations (Glickman, Gordon & Ross-Gordon, 2007). The Supervisory Dyad's work phase actualizes the beginning of the tasks. Supervisors are expected to show focus and commitment in changing expectations while need arises. It is prudent to establish efficient communication channels with all employees. Excellent supervisors encourage feedback for informed decision-making and ways of dealing with problems resulting in failure (Roper, 2011).

The major elements within the Supervision Process according to Lawrence Shulman's Interactional Supervision model of 1993 include openness, attention, and unconditional positive regard. Other considerations include genuine interest, curiosity, self-disclosure, investment flexibility, warmth, understanding, genuineness, and empathy. Supervision and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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