Leadership Team Leadership Analysis Essay

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Engineering felt it could fit into markets including material handling and warehousing. Marketing felt this market was exceptionally small compared to the mainstream printing and imaging market. As the conflict traversed both internal and external teams, the project manager, using many aspects of the Team Leadership Model, had the engineering and marketing teams set up test, or beta sites, to evaluate the printer in these market areas. This leadership strategy made the marketability a shared goal, and also made the actual performance of the printer in this environment immediately known. Using this technique, the project leader had galvanized both teams to a common goal and created a higher level of team effectiveness by seeking to balance task, relational and environmental factors in a single leadership strategy (Hui-Ling, Yu-Hsuan, 47). This also gave each team an opportunity to work with the other and appreciate the perspective of added features and product quality, two areas engineering had deep personal commitment to, and sales achievement, what marketing wanted.

The use of the Team Leadership Management creates a framework that trust can be created upon when a leader seeks to balance internal and external factors, often serving as pressure points, on a cross-functional or multifaceted team (Keiser, Nancy, Maureen Kincaid, and Kristine Servais, 20). Ultimately this strategy created shared leadership and ownership of the product, which is another indication of effective team leadership (Vandewaerde, 414).

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Essay on Leadership Team Leadership Analysis the Assignment

Having seen how the Team Leadership Model works to create a highly effective framework for managing the performance of teams comprised of significantly different departments, it is evident this approach has significant potential. The great the level of potential conflict in a team, the more effective this framework becomes. Being able to balance internal and external factors or forces that stress teams is one of the most powerful aspects of this model. Seeing engineering and marketing understand each other for the first time was remarkable, as both teams had completely different perceptions of the product, market and selling scenarios previously to this product introduction.

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