Leadership, Team Building and Communication Term Paper

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As one project engineer said, time to an engineer is in analog and for a manufacturing engineer, it is digital.

These stark differences in the perception of time make communication challenges even more challenging. The role of a transformational leader in a team is to alleviate the differences in how one team vs. another processes information and perceives their role (Streiner, Deibler, Besterfield-Sacre, Shuman, 2010). These are the catalysts that cause the barriers in communication across Cisco.

The two recommendations for managing these communication barriers include first having a team rotation schedule created where each member of the manufacturing team spends time in engineering, up to a week, understanding how their processes work. The same holds true for the design engineers in manufacturing. Next, both groups of team revolve in and out of customer visits, so the triad of design engineering, manufacturing and customer insight are gained. Using this triad approach members of the cross-functional teams will have a much broader perspective of how their contribution impacts the company. They will also see first-hand how the differences in perception of time are created and maintained.

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The second recommendation is to have each cross-functional team member hold information sessions for his entire department on the project. This not only elevates the need for the cross-functional team member to thoroughly understand the entire project, it also positions them as the critical point of contract within their departs for a specific product lien development. By doing this, communication will be improved; in addition to giving them the opportunity to attain a higher levels of autonomy, mastery and purpose in their role. These three factors of autonomy, mastery and purpose are critical for long-term motivation to learn and excel at a job.


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Term Paper on Leadership, Team Building & Communication Assignment

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Streiner, S., Deibler, C., Besterfield-Sacre, M., &… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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