Leadership, Team Building, and Communication Research Paper

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Non-supportive and offensive behavior of team members can also be a major source of conflict between work teams. Similarly, uneven job responsibilities and unhealthy competition between team members can give rise to interpersonal conflicts. If a team member feels that he is assigned greater job responsibilities than his team members without extra compensation, his satisfaction with the job decreases. He is more exposed to interpersonal conflicts with his team members. Another major source of conflict among work group or team members is lack of leadership by their supervisors. When there is no proper guidance on how to perform certain job tasks or achieve the assigned targets, the employees perform inefficiently. These inefficiencies and lack of leadership result in workplace conflicts (Bratton & Gold, 2012).

In order to resolve these conflicts, team leaders can adopt different conflict management styles in different situations. For example, if every team member is arguing to implement his point-of-view, the leader has to use 'Competing style' in order to figure out the reason for conflict and conclude whose point-of-view must be implemented. In this style, the leader declares one party as the winner and the other as loser. In contrast, he may ask one of the conflicting groups to sacrifice its objectives and agree to the other party. This technique is generally called as 'Avoidance' style of conflict management.

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The 'Collaborating' and 'Compromising' styles require the team members to work collectively by completely forgetting their personal interests and egos. This style is supported by the 'Accommodating' style which asks the team members to understand the importance of relationships in both personal and professional lives. Using this style, the leader encourages his team members to respect the opinions and values of their colleagues and work whole heartedly for the organizational success (Bennis, 2009).

TOPIC: Research Paper on Leadership, Team Building, and Communication Assignment

The leaders can resolve all types of work group conflicts using these conflict management styles. For example, the interpersonal issues can be resolved using collaborating, compromising, and avoidance styles. In the same way, the conflicts due to lack of leadership and uneven job responsibilities can be resolved using accommodating styles. The team members should avoid competing style which often increases the intensity of conflict (Saxena, 2009).

5. Determine potential barriers to communication, how these barriers may impact group and work team performance, and two (2) recommendations for addressing them.

Work groups or team may face a number of communication barriers in their day-to-day job assignments. These barriers negatively impact their efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace. The most critical barrier to communication is related to cultural diversity and language skills. A typical work group or team may consist of members from different cultures, nationalities, and races. Therefore, it may be difficult for them to understand the language of their coworkers or share information with them in an effective way. There are certain physical barriers which put hurdles in the normal flow of operations. These barriers include walls, departmental separations, different building floors, or improper telephonic communication system. These barriers slow down the performance of team members. Another important communication barrier is the team members' lack of ability to understand the instruction of their team leader (Robbins, Judge, & Sanghi, 2007).

All these barriers to communication can be mitigated or completely removed from the work teams by implementing effective functional level strategies. Firstly, the leaders should ensure that all team members understand the language, attitude to work, working patterns, and behavior of their co-members (Gold, Thorpe, & Mumford, 2010). Secondly, they should try to minimize the physical disruptions between different departments so that every individual can coordinate with his coworkers in an effective and efficient way. In order to make the team members understand his instructions effectively, the team leader should encourage them to take full interest in their work; listen carefully; and make everything clear before starting any type of job assignment (Bratton & Gold, 2012).


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