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Don't be easy. Be fair and consistent." One thing that employees are always seeking is consistency. They want to be able to come to work and find things running smoothly and they want their boss to be consistently fair. The boss that is given to mood shifts that are sudden and inexplicable will cause emotional stress among his group of employees. The boss who is fair with the attractive women on his watch but is rude and pushy with the men is not going to have a loyal following -- and is not likely to get the most out of his crew. The supervisor that is always the same when training or critiquing his employees -- who is fair-minded but firm -- is the one that will get the respect and loyalty of his employees.

And the teacher in high school that is firm but fair, who insists that all students turn work in on time and those that don't -- no matter what the excuse is or how good their grades have been -- are docked for tardiness, is a good leader in that position.

Another idea that Henderson presents that is positive is #6, "Lead by Example." Not every foreman or middle manager is going to get his or her hands dirty on the assembly line or in another workplace environment. But "lead by example" means that the supervisor or manager is seen to be working hard, pressing for a better product, constantly encouraging others to be the best they can possibly be. Those that Lead by Example come in early, double-check their work, and are the last to leave the building.

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Honestly I have learned a great deal about leadership in this class, and I know now that a leader doesn't have to be the person with the most powerful voice or with the best personality. The Dale Carnegie book may be out of date to some people, but I was fascinated reading the part about "praise and honest appreciation." One doesn't have to make bold pronouncements and demands to show leadership. It's really about being kind and fair to your underlings. Being humble is part of leadership and giving praise to others is vital in terms of showing that the leader really cares and is paying attention to what is going on around him or… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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