Leadership Theories the Role Essay

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The company also has leaders that are truthful, to both employees and their customers, making the transaction of business deals much easier. Generally, the leaders have a sense of integrity, which could be measured by how great the organization performs.

Regarding the team building skills of the leaders, they set good examples, which can be emulated by the followers. Most of the leaders of ZMI are the first to arrive at work, and the last to leave showing how determined and interested they are in the organization's matters. The leaders show concern for others, in terms of respect and credibility. Subordinates are supported by the leaders, especially when faced with financial constrains and other inevitable misfortunes. The leaders also allow chances to those willing to extend their carriers and engage in management. Employees who have potential ideas concerning the organization's success are supported by the leaders, who freely mingle with the employees. This has been known to strengthen the sense of affiliation, especially for the employees. The leaders are also visionary and open-minded. They understand the workplace environment and tackle the confronting situations like conflicts in the right manner. New ideas are embraced, and the environment provided by the leaders is flexible and easy to integrate any relevant changes.

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ZMI Corporation employs leaders who are competent. The leaders have the ability to analyze and take charge of complex issues that come up. The modern society embraces technological change, and the leaders of the corporation are sharp enough to move with change. Solutions to problems are handled with the seriousness it deserves, ensuring that the decisions made are worthwhile. Charismatic is a trait all the leaders of the firm posses, to assist in the motivation of the employees. Leaders with charisma also have the power of influencing others, through desired communication channels and creation of excitement. The followers feel inspired when they interact with the leaders, and this is necessary for any company with business interests (Shaw, 2008).

Effects of Leadership on ZMI's missions and vision

TOPIC: Essay on Leadership Theories the Role of Assignment

Missions and vision of the ZMI Corporation aims at profit maximization, through integration of necessary strategies. The leaders of the ZMI Corporation work toward the realization of both the mission and vision of the organization by creating mission and vision awareness. Mission awareness in most cases is related to the transformational leadership and has proved to lead many organizations to their breakthrough in businesses. The leaders have the obligation to explain and make clear what the organization expects to attain. Once the followers understand the intentions of the organization well, there are better chances to win over incumbent organizations. The vision will focus on the future of the company, and the leaders are obligated to build a culture that is optimistic about the organization's future stake. The vision helps both the leaders and employees to prepare for any barriers that would lead to future failures. Strategies by the leaders are used to curb any future threats the company might face. Creative leadership, therefore, needs to act more than just supporting the followers. There has to be a strategy to ensure the missions and a vision are all reached. In ZMI, for example, leaders are using non-cash rewards as a motivational instrument for the employees, either in form of promotions or insurances and this has motivated many employees to work towards the missions and vision of the organization (Tidd & Bessant, 2011).

Changes of leadership in ZMI Limited

Currently, the organization hardly needs any rapid change, as the leaders of the company are working well. The leadership theory used by the organization is sufficient enough to influence the employees. Evaluation of the performance of the organization shows positive results, with regards to profit maximization and both employee and consumer satisfaction. The leadership styles of democracy and charismatic characteristics have been recommended by many scholars as appropriate for business entities, hence any alterations to the leadership structure of the organization is most likely to cause disaster instead of improvement. The company has also matured to good standards in the market due to the transformational and transactional leaderships, which have few limitations, when compared to the other leadership styles that have dictatorship and authoritative attributes. There is actually no necessity of whatever level, to change the system and structure of the company's leadership.


The leadership styles and theories that are adopted by any organization are what determine the future success of the company. Just like ZMI Corporation, leaders should ensure they undertake their duties effectively, so that the rest of the followers can follow suit. The managers in charge of different departments, regardless of the span of control, are expected to consider acquiring the traits of leadership, to realize the mission and vision of the organization.


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