Leadership Theory Essay

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The followers are transformed by the transformational leaders in such a manner that shape the beliefs and values of their followers.

Transformational leadership has 4 dimensions as it said by Korver (2008). These dimensions are:

1. Charisma: The leader provides the followers with a strong sense of mission, he/she makes them feel proud and in this manner is able to gain their trust and respect.

2. Communication: Directs efforts by using symbols to communicate with his followers and expresses essential purposes in very simple ways.

3. Intellectual stimulation: Problem solving, intelligence and rationality are promoted by him.

4. Individualized consideration: Pays individual attention to all the employees, advice and coaches them whenever they need any kind of guidance.

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A subdued or passive follower was formed with the traditional method whereas, it is important that the development of leadership should take place with the help of conscious (as well as unconscious) and mature decisions that are taken over a longer period of time with the help of various events. Dominance is being gained by the entrepreneurial ventures on a continuous basis and visionaries are transforming the way that the organizations used to conduct businesses before. There is Mr. Narayana Murthy or the Tatas of Infosys who have incorporated virtues in their business that were never appreciated before. It is not unheard of for these organizations to do their business in an ethical manner and this is being done by these organizations in such a manner that they aren't hurting their stakeholders' interests or the profits of the company. The question does arise that how are these organizations doing so well? Is it because they have an excellent workforce working for them? Is it because of the way that the company has been taken forward by their leaders? Or is it all according to the way that they had envisioned it? (Korver, 2008).

Essay on Leadership Theory for the Rapidly Assignment

Furthermore, work-based pursuits have got to be considered, as well as, the incorporation of a potent organizational culture of learning goes far in developing new leadership potential (Yukl, 2010). Times are changing and preparing the workforce to be better equipped in the future is what the transformative leadership style is all about. New avenues will be provided by this leadership style and these avenues will allow the individual to experiment with the leadership activities and actions in order to further develop his/her abilities to lead. Now is the time to start putting workforce efforts together in order to excel as a team and an organization. The presence of a leader is very important for any kind of job however, he/she can't handle all the tasks and therefore, the presence of a diligent team is very important for the success of that leader and his team (Korver, 2008).

For transformative leadership theory to be effective every member should be given a set of responsibilities and one member in every team can be made a leader who would lead the team, share his visions and goals with the team, listen to their opinions and suggestions and then make strategies and decisions in the light of those suggestions and opinions. In today's business world everything in an organization is linked and therefore, when something goes wrong in one department it greatly impacts the whole organization. Therefore, it is very important for the transformative leader to communicate with the employees properly and regularly so that they remain clear about their roles and responsibility and the probability for errors and mistakes could be minimized (Korver, 2008).


Many today are leading the kind of comfortable life that could never have been dreamt off by previous generations. Many opportunities to promote growth have arose in the past century but these opportunities have also brought with them chaos too. When it comes to the globalized world, the growth opportunities and scope of growth is larger than it ever was. Importance is now being given to the issues like mental well-being, development of the society in holistic terms; these are the issues that were never given much importance in the past. Today one has the ability to decide how it is that one should govern oneself.

In order to have a brighter future it has become important to make appropriate decisions at appropriate time. It is time to decide upon the answers to hard questions like should we put more focus on economic profits and ignore problems of global warming? We have to make decisions about how things should be handled by us. Should we focus on their broader perspective or should we look at the short-term benefits? We have to make our decisions very carefully in today's changing world as one wrong decision can have very serious repercussions. There aren't any easy answers to all these questions but it is high time now for us to make decisions about what is important to us and how we want to shape our tomorrows (Korver, 2008).


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