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This trait and value is crucial in determining how the life of a person is to turn out. It enables one to take the risk in daily activities hence facilitate the process of development and achievement of goals and objectives. VC takes numerous risks in life to achieve the prestigious position in the institution and entire society. This bravery trait has a significant impact in my life since to survive the prospects of the modern world one has to take risks. In the application in life situations, the bravery trait helps in overcoming the challenges that might hinder the growth and development of an individual. As a leader, you need to be brave in order to offer hope and support to your subjects. The subjects through bravery will be able to take risks within the society to help propel the nation towards growth and development (Fly, 2009).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Leadership Values of a Assignment

The other admirable leadership trait by Vice-Chancellor is intolerant. As a leader, VC never gives any chance to failure. He has to achieve whatever he wants, and this attitude enables VC to be an American hero while serving as the second man in command within this educational institution. As a leader, failure should not be tolerated. This principle helps in motivating the subjects to perform to their best and achieve the long life goals and objectives. The impact of the intolerant value in the society has great impact in the economy, social, political, and cultural aspects. This helps in defining the progress of the nation as every individual works towards the development and favorable living conditions. Through this value, inventions play a crucial role in improving the lives of the students. Collectivity that aims for the good of the society is the main consequence of intolerance to failure (Fly, 2009). Society members work for the well being of the nation hence encouragement to succeed in life. As a leader, VC also promotes the need for collectivity in order to overcome obstacles and challenges. The value of collectivity rather than individualism promotes growth and development of the country. This is because; the interest of the members is on the well-being of the institution and society. Every person within the territorial boundaries of the nation champions for development (Harvey, 2008). This is vital for the current and future generations hence future leaders should emulate the values and traits by the Vice-Chancellor of this institution (Joe Bidden)

Head of Sports Department

This individual is coming out as one of the successful leaders in the modern institution. He enjoys respect from friends and foes for his achievements. Based on his leadership skills away from the educational arena, numerous values and traits characterize the life of HOD of sports life as a leader and a mentor. The first admirable value in the life activities of HOD is planning. As a leader, planning is essential for the achievement of goals and objectives. Head of sports department operates on actions planned effectively before their executions (Quader, 2011). This brings about the increment in productivity levels since in most cases success is dominant. Planning is one of the functions of a leader hence to plan effectively and efficiently is to succeed on the road towards development of the nation or the society. This value enables the society or the nation to determine achievable objectives since it knows what it wants, has, or can achieve. Planning requires the knowledge of resources an institution owns, the past, and challenges that might face the organization in growing or expanding in relation to the economy. The value has a strong influence and applies to both modern and postmodern era because it is the source of success (Harvey, 2008).

The next admirable trait of HOD of sports as a leader is being spontaneous. In decision-making process, HOD is spontaneous making his foes to have difficulties in calculating his next move. Those who oppose him are unprepared creating the chance to win with ease. As a leader, there are cases when one is required to make unplanned decisions to deal with challenges as they encounter them. This value and trait helps the society to overcome obstacles that happen spontaneously. With the application of this trait in the society, current and future obstacles would be swept with ease (Quader, 2011). The other admirable trait by HOD of sports is hard work. The prestigious hero position he obtains in the institution is hard earned. HOD made his way to the top through extra efforts in life. This gives his junior officials and admirers moral boost since he is a mentor to them. Through hard work, many of his achievements earn his respect from friends and foes. As a leader, one needs to offer an example of hard work to the subjects in order to enhance productivity levels within the nation or the society. Supplemented with audacity, HOD of sports continues to achieve in areas where other men and women cannot succeed hence successful in most of his encounters (Harvey, 2008).

HOD of sports is also thorough and extensive in his preparations to encounter challenges in formal and life activities. His planning and organization are resourceful hence effective and efficient in the process of their executions. As a leader, it is crucial to plan and do thorough research on the problems or obstacles in context. This enables the leader and the subject fantastic opportunity to counter the problem because they have vital information on what they are dealing with. When the society applies extensive research in its encounter, productivity levels witness increment in different aspects such as economy, politics, social, and cultural dimensions (Quader, 2011). This value enables the leader to maintain a high level of concentration. He or she is capable of focusing strictly on the matter at hand. The other admirable trait of HOD of sports is being brave and courageous. In dealing with daily activities in and out of the educational arena, HOD of Sports is fearless. His achievements are on the background of his brave and courageous values. The junior officials under his command could draw motivation from his fearless nature in handling the problems and obstacles. Supplemented with his natural leadership skills, HOD of sports is able to achieve the hero status in the entire institution and the rest of the society for the good work (Harvey, 2008).

Head of Sociology Department

HOD of sociology is widely known for his admirable traits and values in and out of the educational field. In order to achieve the hero status within the institution, several factors, traits, and values aided the efforts of HOD of sociology. The first admirable trait by HOD is daring nature. HOD of sociology is a risk taker and fearless in his encounters during the last institutional elections for the current position. This made him conquer several obstacles to rise to the top and prestigious state in the organization (Hirsh, 2008). As a leader, it is critical to be a risk taker in the process of organizing, planning, controlling, and facilitating activities within the society. This enhances chances of overcoming problems and obstacles as they limit efforts by individuals. This daring nature enjoys the admiration from numerous persons particularly those who serve under his command in the department of sociology. Problems should not limit achievements of a leader just because of fearful values. This indicates that leaders should apply effective and potential approach towards tackling the obstacles (Harvey, 2008).

The other admirable HOD of sociology trait is being courageous. Through courage, the HOD is able to conquer various life and educational challenges. He never backs from any obstacle hence lead from the front. This gives substantial motivation to those who are under his command. In order to improve chances of overcoming obstacles and challenges, it is crucial for a leader to be courageous (Hirsh, 2008). HOD is also a hard worker in attempts to achieve considerably during his management period in the organization. He realizes that achievements have to be earned and not inherited. This source of motivation influences the outcome of most of HOD's encounters in daily life activities. To be a leader, preparations for hard work are significant. This increases the level of outputs by firms, companies, or business entities in the modern world (Harvey, 2008).

Explain how you will apply his or her mentorship in the future.

Risk taking trait and value can be vital in the process of achieving future goals and objectives of a leader towards the development of the society. In order to achieve full potential of the society, future leaders must be risk-takers. This encourages the society members towards overcoming obstacles and challenges limiting achievement of goals and objectives. The risk-taking trait by VC, HOD of sociology, HOD of sports, and Dean of students is critical for future leadership in the postmodern world. Since the world is full of uncertainties, it is necessary to take the risks it presents. The trait is of immense importance to the institutional leaders hence could be trusted to be effective… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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