Leadership Vision Research Paper

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The way that this is taking place, is they will serve as a go between for the different parties in a dispute. During the process of understanding these views, they will objectively listen to both sides of the argument and make suggestions for dealing with the challenges. This will involve each side giving up something in order to create a compromise that is acceptable for everyone. (Baker, 2010, pp. 157 -- 180)

When this happens, the organization is effectively addressing challenges that could have an impact on the ability of a firm to provide a host of products and services. This prevents negative attitudes and perceptions from adversely impacting productivity and costs. Instead, the leadership is able to create a set of common goal and ideas. During the course of the workday, this will shape how everyone views their jobs and their roles inside the organization. Once someone is able to have a favorable image of the firm, is the point that they are willing to do more for stakeholders. This is because, they feel that they are respected and appreciated for the contributions that they make. It is at this point that the organization will have sense of higher purpose and unity about reaching the larger objectives. Therefore, the role of leaders during this process is to serve as: a confidant, supervisor and objective third party. This is when they will be seen as someone who has a balanced approach when dealing with everyone. (Baker, 2010, pp. 157 -- 180)


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