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Seeing his successes and the devotion of those who work for him, I remain convinced that the relevance of influencing people's basic values as well as principles cannot be overstated if one is to accomplish organizational goals. To remain relevant in a highly competitive business environment, a business must be able to truly motivate its employees. In my opinion, employees operating at level one cannot guarantee the firm the vigor it needs to succeed in a truly competitive marketplace. Towards that end, as a leader, I would seek to appeal to people's feelings and thoughts. To be able to do this, I may have to further hone my listening as well as thinking skills.

Buffett has also been able to motivate the employees of Berkshire through the creation of an environment that fosters mutual respect and understanding. Their main motivation to greater performance is not the monthly paycheck. They are really committed to seeing Berkshire achieve its goals. This way, Berkshire continues to maintain extraordinary performance. Studying Buffett's approach to leadership has also made me realize that it is by genuinely addressing the concerns of their followers that leaders get to win the trust of the said followers. In Berkshire's context, followers include both shareholders and employees. As a leader, I would seek to transform the lives of my followers in a meaningful way. This could be through the creation of more value for shareholders as well as through the facilitation of better pay and working conditions for employees.

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Being a level three leader cannot be regarded a walk in the park. However, by relying on Warren Buffett's approach to leadership as well as the various level three leadership behaviors outlined by Clawson (2012), I believe I would succeed in this endeavor.


Term Paper on Leadership Warren Buffett, a Leading Assignment

Clawson, J.G. (2012). Level Three Leadership: Getting Below the Surface (5th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice Hall. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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