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As healthcare professionals were are constantly involved in problem solving, hence, learning management theories and skills was a huge positive for me. I have a far deeper understanding of leadership issues than before. Leadership is not limited to management concepts where a leader sets the course of action for others. What did I do to help myself meet the outcome? I became very familiar with the bigger picture of leadership: that is, doing an exemplary job on my shift -- showing how the consummate professional handles crises and day-to-day routines -- means that I am modeling how it should be done for others. I know that I am a role model, and that is leadership outside of any specific tasks that a manager might be is still important leadership when I am modeling for younger, less experienced nurses.

What could the SON have done better? I would have liked to have had a chance to hear lectures from managers in other fields discuss leadership and how they solve problems. It would have been instructive to hear from a manufacturing executive, or a CEO from a big energy company, or even a city council member, discussing leadership in a management context. Also I would have gained from more field work in hospitals and clinics where problem solving, leadership, research and role modeling were a part of the organizational make up.

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What could I have done better to become more proficient? I did work hard to complete all my assignments and I even went deeper into research strategies than the instructor had asked us to do. I would have gained from more outside sources, as mentioned, but frankly I did everything I could to get the most out of the MSN program. What I might have done better was to visit some of the professors during their office hours and asked questions that were raised in my mind by the instruction and the materials we were asked to acquire as part of the MSN program.

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Creative Writing on Leadership Where Was I In Assignment

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