Leaderships and Two Different Essay

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com), a little known revolutionary hero, otherwise called 'Swamp Fox' due to his ability in creating and adjusting to change, and leading his subordinates to do likewise. Marion adopted techniques deliberately different to conventional ones, he helped his soldiers adapt to and embrace his introduction of change so that they perceived it as innovative and welcoming, and Marion, consequently, became greatly beloved as one of the extraordinary heroes of the American Revolution. His leadership style was remarkable: each success was achieved by guerilla surprise and by disciplined long marches. Each battle was designed in a way to curtail the amount of casualties, and all brought in supplies of weapons, equipment, ammunition, food, and horses. Marion's style of fighting attracted militia recruits, which enabled him to expand the number of units under his command and broaden the area of his operations.

Marion was not only charismatic. He was also participatory in that he selected the best men for the most dangerous and challenging duty, and in return they had a privileged relationship with their commander, joking with him, often at Marion's own expense. Marion listened to them, and granted them a certain amount of freedom. This behavior teaches us two things: firstly, that reward need not always be materialistic. Marion's followers were stimulated by his attention. Secondly, that Marion practiced two simultaneous forms of leadership: deliberative and participatory. They hinged on condition and on follower qualities. They synchronized one another.

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Marion shows us one more concept: boundary setting. He set clear rules for his followers. Allowed to prey and given, in almost any other aspect, a great deal of autonomy, Marion forbade his men to destroy homes and crops, because it caused women and children, even if they were Tories, to suffer unnecessarily.

Conclusion and how this material will help YOU LEAD

TOPIC: Essay on Leaderships and Two Different Kinds Assignment

There are three kinds of leadership, deliberative, participatory, and charismatic. I may be unable to assume the last, but I can try to assume one of the first two. Marion's example teaches me that a hybrid of each may be the best. Howell and Costley (2008)'s book also showed me that the leader can influence his followers by actions that include clear, effective, consistent and contingent setting of consequences (reward and punishment) as well as boundary setting sot that followers are enabled to "know their place."

The material enables me to be a better leader since it shows me that there is no one way of leadership and that much too depends on a combination of follower and context qualities too. Different followers need different leadership qualities and different situations call for different characteristics too. Failure on my part, too, can be excused since it may be a result of follower or situational aspects that cohered ill with certain leadership qualities and needed others qualities instead.

In short, it seems to me that an effective leader needs to carefully gauge the needs of followers and match his attitude and behavior to context and environment. A mixture of all leadership styles works best, but each style should consider follower and context and, using Marion as an equitable model, the leader should respect the follower's m much as he does himself. It is with this approach that he is likely best able to lead.


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