Leading Change Continual Learning Term Paper

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This was an opportunity for me to demonstrate my skills in leading change (continual learning, creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, service motivation, strategic thinking, and vision).

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It is understood that managing change is important and competent management requires a vigilant process that to keep change efforts headed in the right direction. Through a sound leadership policy, change needs to be anchored into the culture of the organization. In August 2004, I was selected to participate in my organization's Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP). In meeting the OPM criteria for the program, currently, and maintaining performance of my job, I am attending the Saturday courses, at Georgetown University Center for Professional Development and I am currently in the Senior Executive Leadership Certificate program. This program will better prepare me for instituting programs that will help indoctrinate change programs into our corporate culture because I will attain the necessary Executive Core Qualifications. The program entails five (5) courses that teach aspects of Leadership, Vision and Strategy; Leading and Executing Change; Managing Institutional Politics and Conflict; Leading and Motivating People; and Building an Effective Business Foundation. I am scheduled to complete the entire program on June 17, 2005, and will receive the Georgetown University Center for Professional Development Senior Executive Leadership Certificate. My objective upon completion of this program is to address some obvious situations where change policies did not last and therefore require no goals that establishing a sense of urgency, create a guiding coalition, develop a vision and strategy that clearly communicates the change vision for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Term Paper on Leading Change Continual Learning, Creativity Assignment

In conclusion, the purpose of this report was to discuss the process of leading change as a core qualification and to demonstrate how I have utilized the necessary skill set for developing and implementing long-term organizational change strategies. Even though a need for constant change is an accepted concept, too often organizations institute change and change policies that do not meet the organization's long-term change objectives. Thus, the ability to balance change and continuity is a foundation that encourages creative… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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