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I value diversity very strongly and half of the employees that I have are minorities, women, and veterans. They have many unique roles in their lives which range from being parents, spouses, and single parents to balancing the demands of home and work life, and providing top-notch services to the department. I took this group of talented employees and transformed them into a cohesive and high achieving team.

Another example of leading people occurred in July 2004 in which I had four challenges which overlapped and greatly impacted the performance of my organization. There was a 30% turnover in staff during this time with employees moving to North Carolina and Florida. Because of this, the challenge of recruiting for a season that is historically busy was a very high priority. Secondly, there was a transition of the organization's leadership during that period of time which required a shift in operations education for the staff. The third challenge was the planning and execution of many of the high-profile events that took place during that time and which I had to work on and be involved in on a daily basis. The fourth challenge involved my selection to participate in a senior executive service candidate development program. This required me to attend courses for core qualifications as well as maintaining my job performance on a daily basis.

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Within a six-month time frame from August of 2004 to February of 2005 I recruited for the positions that were open, interviewed 11 candidates, hired new employees, provided on-the-job training, built a cohesive team of professionals, and planned and executed several high-profile events. One of the main benefits of the online college program I was required to take for the senior executive service candidate development program was that it made me much more aware of various ways to maximize the positives and work around or even actually change the negatives, as well as how to avoid overuse of the positives.

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Because I view myself as a leader I am also committed to lifelong learning. It is widely known that one of the main differences between leaders that are very effective and those that are not as effective is the effective leaders' ability to recognize how the individual behavior of that leader impacts the workplace. Leader behavior is very important to the social and total mix of corporate culture. Work situations are constantly changing and the leaders' behavior must also change if it is going to be effective. At the end of the online college program I completed I was able to discuss with my coach and mentor the results of the assessment inventories that I took and we were then able to work together to create a personal action plan for my individual professional development as well as strategies to motivate and lead my staff through the challenges that were going to be encountered over the following 90 days. The program helped me to integrate many of the new insights and information that I gained during the online program… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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