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¶ … leaf from the financial history, a significant opinion survey of institutional investors, and wide-ranging reviews of the law and the lessons of modern portfolio theory, some stalwarts of the financial horizon have carved out a niche for themselves in the realm of finance through competent financial practices."

What companies are considered the leading companies in your industry?

In the world of finance investment, some of the major companies discussed here are Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley.

Goldman Sachs:-

The various major finance investment service offered to its clients are Private Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, and Strategic Financial Planning & Hedge Funds.

Private Wealth Management: - Goldman Sachs offers a wide-ranging and customized wealth management service aimed at private investors through a sophisticated methodology of asset allocation and portfolio management, giving substantial importance on the efficient trade-off between risk and return. The company's methodical investment process looks for optimization of risk-adjusted returns in accordance with the investment objectives and risk profile of the investor. Goldman Sachs achieves this through the process of diversification of the investments across domestic and international asset classes, based on the position on the anticipated efficient investment frontier. (Goldman Sachs JBWere Private Wealth Management)

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Portfolio Management: - A variety of discretionary and self-managed portfolio services are offered to suit the personal investment pattern to assist in reaching the financial objectives. Under the Discretionary Portfolio services, complete management services are being offered, so that the investor is freed from the responsibilities connected with structuring, managing and developing his investment portfolio. Besides, Goldman Sachs offers Self-managed Portfolio Services in case the investor desires participation in the daily management of his investments and he can be assisted and helped to arrive at informed decisions. (Portfolio Management)

Term Paper on Leaf From the Financial History, a Significant Assignment

Strategic Financial Planning: The Company's strategic financial planning team armed with a wide range of financial experts assists in the customization of a wealth creation strategy according to the unique financial circumstances and requirements. The approach to financial management at Goldman Sachs has the resilience to guarantee that the personal needs of the investor are fulfilled. Their methodical wealth management services assist the investors in structuring a comprehensive financial strategy that fulfills both the short-term and long-term wealth creation objectives and targets. The various specialists service offered by the company in this realm are "financial structuring, cash flow & taxation planning, debt management, retirement & superannuation planning, asset management & investment advice, insurance, philanthropic planning, estate planning and success planning." (Strategic Financial Planning)

Lehman Brothers:

The Company, which is celebrating its 150 years, is an innovator in international finance, caters to the financial requirements of 'corporations, governments, institutional clients and High Net-worth Individuals - HNIs'. Lehman Brothers still maintains leadership position in realms of "equity and fixed income sales, trading & research, investment banking, private investment management, asset management and private equity" (Who We Are) Lehman Brothers has been consistently rated as the world's top investment banks, the company's reach to local and international market helps it to rapidly & efficiently solve its client's varied financial requirements. (Businesses)

The various financial investment offering by the company are (i) Investment Banking: - The Investment Banking Division offers comprehensive financial advisory services and capital raising services to corporations and governments across the world by taking an integrated approach to client coverage, organizing the several bankers into industry, product & geographic groups. Around 6.8 million retail customers are being served with an exclusive tie-up with Fidelity Investments for capital raising services. (Investment Banking) ii) Investment Management: Investment Management at Lehman Brothers embraces three international businesses. These are Private Investment Management, Asset Management and Private Equity. Under Private Investment Management, the various services offered are comprehensive investment, wealth advisory and capital markets execution services for HNIs and businesses, leveraging all the resources of the firm. Under Asset Management, correct asset management products are offered through a range of distribution channels in favor of individuals and institutions. Investment scope in privately settled dealings throughout a range of asset categories meant for institutional and qualified investors are offered under Private Equity. (Investment Management) The company's Private Investment Management offers wide-ranging investment, wealth advisory and capital execution services for HNIs and businesses, leveraging every resource of the company. (Private Investment Management)

Morgan Stanley:

The Company offers Private Wealth Management, which are an extremely customized financial advice, investment solutions and brokerage services to individuals, families and foundations having in excess of $10 million assets for investments. (Private Wealth Management) The various investment product offerings of the company are "Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Annuities, Insurance, Managed Futures & Credit and Lending Services." (Investment Products) Morgan Stanley also offers financial planning wherein their Financial Advisor works with over the years, through an analysis of the goals, timeframes and tolerance for investment risk. (Financial Planning)

2) What is the general starting salary and what is the potential for advancement?

The starting salaries in finance investment of candidates as Junior Financial Analyst having a bachelors degree ranges from $25,000 to $40,000 and those with an MBA degree ranges from $30,000 to $80,000. However, the added advantage of MBA degree will help in joining as Financial Analyst. According to Robert Half International who conducts survey of CFOs yearly, reports the salaries in thousands as: New recruit Financial Analyst of a small firm would be $23-27, New Recruit Financial Analyst of a large firm would be $26-31, experienced Financial Analyst of a small firm would be from $33-39, experienced Financial Analyst of a large firm would be from $38-47, Credit Manager would be $30-63, Tax Manager would be $57-105, Assistant / Divisional Treasurer would be $40-78 and Chief Financial Officer -- CFO is $232-295 in leading firms and $80-120 in smaller ones. From the entry-level position as Junior Financial Analysts, the candidates climb the ladder as Senior Financial Analyst, Divisional Controller and the apex i.e. The Chief Financial Officer. (Corporate Finance: Salaries)

3) What are the potential job prospects in this field of Finance Investment?

The potential prospects of job in the realm of finance investment are wide and varied in areas like Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Project Finance, Trading, Structured Finance & Derivatives. In the Corporate Finance position, the responsibility includes raising capital required for new projects and regular operations. As a greenhorn Analyst in corporate finance, the candidate is normally expected to work within a client team and shoulder the responsibilities to make registration statements, participate in road shows where investors are sold in securities. The major companies in domain of activity are Merrill Lynch, PaineWebber and Salomon/SmithBarney. Under M&A activity, the job includes setting up deals wherein a company buys another one, which is a significant source of fee income for a lot of investment banks. In this activity the candidate is expected to work in a team that acts as an advisor to a client, valuing dealings, creative structuring of deals and negotiation on favorable terms. Globally, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are the popular frontrunners in the realm in M&A advisory. (Investment Banking: Job Options)

Project Financing is another area that is attracting a lot of attention. Here the job includes funding infrastructure and oil capital projects on behalf of a company or government's primary balance sheet. CSFB and Deutsche Bank are the prominent companies in this area of activity. Deals which have been financed through projects have been some of the initial major medium of sources of foreign capital in nations like China, Yemen and Indonesia. Trading involves undertaking transactions in equities, bonds, foreign exchange, options, and futures with traders at commercial banks, investment banks and large institutional investors. This job needs a deep knowledge of markets, financial instruments and a feeling for human psychology. Trading in derivatives require a very keen analytical knowledge whereas trading in foreign exchange is based more on the instinct of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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