Learner Analysis Before an Instructional Systematic Design Term Paper

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Learner Analysis

Before an instructional systematic design process can be initiated many factors must be taken into consideration. An important element in the success of such a program is the analysis of the potential learners. Many factors affect how students can learn. The successful teacher is aware of the difference between students and seeks ways to accommodate the needs of the various students as he or she is developing an instructional plan. Ways to analyze students include the use of their cognitive styles, their attitude and their social situations ("Analyze Learners," 2001).

It is no secret to teachers that students learn in a variety of ways. This knowledge has led to a tidal wave of educational theories in recent decades. Knowing what kind of learner a particular student is can be valuable information in determining how he or she will respond to specific curriculum. The teacher can determine this information in a variety of ways. One would be to consult test results from the students' files which might include information about learning style. A teacher might have the students take a learning styles test. These are readily available and, generally, useful in determining how a student learns. Most teachers probably rely on their own observations of the students. If the teacher is using a variety of teaching methods designed to appeal to the different learning styles, then he or she should be aware of how certain students respond to certain activities.

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These activities can also be used to determine the prior knowledge of students before introducing an instructional design system.

Term Paper on Learner Analysis Before an Instructional Systematic Design Assignment

The students' willingness to learn is also an important part of analyzing the learners. Determining in advance what might motivate students to learn and what kinds of learning will be received in a positive way will lead to a more successful implementation process ("Analyze Learners," 2001). Again, this is done by observing students and understanding their motivation. Some students will always be motivated to learn; others… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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