Learner Differences in Distance Learning Thesis

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Learner Differences in Distance Learning

The chapter entitled "Learner Differences in Distance Learning" underlines the importance of teachers taking into consideration the learning environment and the evolving needs of the learner when designing a curriculum. Distance learners in particular must learn in a more independent environment. Even resident learners in a more conventional classroom setting are faced with the challenges of learning from online and web-based instruction in 'regular' classes and must cope with the challenges of instruction in these more independent formats

Physical distance, the distance created by technology, and transactional distance in terms of the different understandings and perceptions of learning of teachers and students are all forms of distance that can exist in education. Transactional distance refers to a psychological separation or gap in understanding and meaning that can be equally as important as physical distance, or can be caused by physical distance in the online classroom. But the online classroom is not necessarily fraught with obstacles. The article states that the traditional 'real world' classroom, despite apparently greater student freedom to select subject material still contains many of the features of the age of mass production, when the modern classroom was created.

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The challenge of the 21st century is for instructors to use the online format to individualize rather than standardize education, including taking into consideration learner context and background. High levels of self-efficacy have been traced to maximizing the potential of the online format on the part of the student. Students who show high levels of independence and self-efficacy also show a stronger ability to exhibit 'deep' rather than surface learning, demonstrating a mastery of the concepts conveyed, rather than rote memorization. Assessing student self-efficacy and maximizing it whenever possible will be required of teachers in designing learning strategies, particularly as more of the curricula shifts online.

Thesis on Learner Differences in Distance Learning Assignment

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