Learner Support Thesis

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¶ … distance education the question of learner support and what it really means is addressed. The author begins by defining a typical definition of learner support and then asks if that is a total definition that is helpful to the learner. He begins by stating the learner support is based on the "supportive" style of the instructor. That is, as far as he is concerned, the popular definition, but it is incomplete. This is especially true in distance education. In the author's view there are three sets of systems that he refers to as subsystems, which comprise the distance learning medium. One "designs, produces, and delivers instructional and learning materials," the next subsystem is composed of "instructors who interact with individual students" who work to educate and transmit those materials to the student, and the other is the; "administrative subsystem that manages these two sets of activities." In doing this he is giving the reader a basis for what learner support really means.

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The author realizes that these systems are not often enough because they are not flawlessly executed. Therefore he calls for a fourth subsystem that of learner support. He is not criticizing the systems, but rather that no educational system can take into account all the variables presented by the diversity of the students. That no matter how many contigneci9es are built into the systems, there will always be characteristics unaccounted for. These need to be addressed by a flexible and varied learner support system that can help the other systems adapt to these unique circumstances.

TOPIC: Thesis on Learner Support Assignment

He notes that even the most well designed courses and administrative systems that work perfectly well for the large majority of the standard full time student may be daunting to the returning part time student and that these learners' needs may not be adequately addressed. He suggests that the first step is an "evaluation system" that monitors the results of the educational… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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