Learning and Assessment Essay

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Learning and Assessment

People learn in many ways, like observing, listen to, and practicing things for themselves. Normally for the majority of people, one of these ways stands out as being the best for them (Fleming, 2010). For me the best learning style is that of visual learning or learning through seeing. This type of learner has to observe the teacher's body language and facial appearance in order to completely comprehend the substance of what is being taught. They often rather like sitting towards the front of the classroom in order to keep away from visual impediments. They also thinks about things in pictures and study well from visual exhibits including: drawings, text books with illustrations, overhead transparencies, films, flipcharts and aids. During a talk or classroom discussion, visual learners frequently favor to take comprehensive notes in order to soak up the knowledge (Visual Thinking and Learning, 2010).

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Visual thinking and learning use graphical techniques of functioning with ideas and presenting knowledge. Studies in both learning theory and cognitive psychology have revealed that visual learning is amongst the very finest techniques for teaching people of all ages how to consider and how to learn. Visual learning frequently assists people to make theoretical ideas observable and tangible, attach previous knowledge to fresh ideas, supply organization for discussing, thinking, writing, analyzing, planning and reporting and center feelings and thoughts, leading to comprehension and understanding (Visual Thinking and Learning, 2010).

There are several techniques that can be used by visual learners to help them to understand concepts better. These include:

Drawing a drawing of events in history or drawing out technical processes.

Making outlines of all that they see

Copying what's on the board exactly into their notes

Asking the teacher to draw out hard concepts

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